Should the fans go on strike as well?

After seeing this whole debacle with the players strike, I think fans should also consider striking.

-Concessions and ticket prices through the roof
-Being treated like toddlers if you chose not to vaccinate
-Players yelling at 20 year old waitresses at the local Earls.
-Players strike
-Waffling by the owners over whether or not to play in a bubble
-More disrespect from players toward fans over social media

Fans kept their hard earned dollars with the clubs. Maybe its time for a fan strike

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sure. who needs the cfl anyhow


Your love of the CFL is astounding.


Season ticket holder thats disgusted by the smugness all around

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Sure I have been on strike already for a few years anyways are you joining mine or am I joining yours?

What's our demands?

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Go for it. In your own bathroom if you will!

Nah, I'm gonna just wait it out and watch hockey and soccer for now.

  1. The forums are to bring back fan favorites i.e. American gun control threads.

  2. Rescind the Bombers last two GC championships. They were alot better when they hadn't won a cup in nearly three decades.

  3. Change Ottawa's name back to the Rough Riders.

Thats a starter


I can go along with all that if we can add 'free beer' to the list.


I guess the fans will speak with the tickets they buy.


Yes, fans often want to think their team does have a chance to actually be competitive as this study suggests:

"Leagues might assume that their star athletes and state-of-the-art stadiums are enough of a draw. However, research suggests that spectators also value something far simpler: the suspense of not knowing who will win."


Well IMO many fans have already walked away from the CFL, for what ever reason. Must be something more than what's going on now. I have sons and grandsons who I thought I brought them up right to love the CFL. They played minor football, high school (until discontinued). They will go a game with Grandpaw but that's about it. But don't have a problem going to a NFL Bills game or to Buffalo to watch the Leafs play. But they're like many of the younger generations. Think the ratio makes the CFL weaker etc. But I believe the Media and peer pressure is involved as well. That's just the way it is now. How small can the League get attendance wise before it dies.

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Parity is very important for live sporting events especially team sports in North America .

It's a story being told in real time .

No one wants to know the ending .


we are striking cause adults acted like toddlers and chose not to get vaccinated?

cool story.

Part of it is the owners really don't care. The other part is the players don't really care. Most would be on the first flight out of here if the NFL came knocking.. so if that's their mentality, can't expect more from the fans