Should the Edmonton Eskimos trade Jerome Messam?

Should the Edmonton Eskimos trade Jerome Messam? Who is set to take a HUGE pay increase into the 2013 CFL season. Some league sources via Twitter have Messam at over $250,000 US for 2013. What are your thoughts

Will Messam be the new QB?

Messam salary/agreement could call for $250,000,but for 3 years.


Can you share some of these tweets? Are we talking about Dave Naylor or random fans? Personally, I'd like to have his salary confirmed before I say whether or not I'd wanna trade him.

If we have to pay 250K to keep him then no. he didn't do much this year. He had 1 good year. I would sign him to a 1 year extension see how he does.

Going by the Ricky Ray trade as the bar, Barker should be able to land Messam for the Argos, for a first round pick and kicker Alix. :wink:

If he is going to be that demanding as an RB, even as a Non-Import, it's time to use him as trade bait.

They extended his contract rather quickly as not to se him in free agency. The Price tag must have been good or why would Messam have singed if he wanted to tst the free agent market and why would the esks of signed him for such a high salary if they were planing on trading him a high salary would not be of interst of teams.
He will be coming back healthy and for a full training camp. With this they will be able to devise the two bak scheme with Messam being the Bull Baclk and Charles being the change up scat back.

So we go with Messam and Charles as our primary backs, and hopefully we can make it work better than last year, and then who else will be on the roster at FB or RB? I hope Messam has healed in full. I'm thinking he came back to play too early last season.

For FB; depends on what Matty Bertrand wants to do. Bertrand goes to camp healthy is dandy, that said it will be tough to beat him out on what he brings to the game; such as Offensive blocking schemes/Special Teams. Then again he may retire; Matty would make/be an excellent coach as well.