Should the city of Hamilton offer the Pan-Am games stadium

... to Toronto if they are willing to put in the money the city of Hamilton was to make it of CFL quality? In light of the Argo ownership issues and the fact that it could be that the Argos are more important to the health of the CFL than the TiCats are most likely, and we have a football specific stadium now that works, at least for a while, it's not ready for fall down yet I don't believe. :?

NO .. as Much I Love IWS
We have wait for years and Decades to get a new Stadium

will Toronto has had 3 Major Sports Venues Built

Skydome(rogers Center Now)

It is our Turn.. Toronto can Pound SALT
We have wait long Enough
The Argos Owners had Chance to do somthing and the blew it ..

Interesting topic "Earl" and not so far-fetched as some might think at first blush.

The ironic thing is that David Braley warned everyone that Hamilton hasn't won anything yet. Final venues change in things like this and regularly do. Venue locations changed in Vancouver in spite of what the bid book said as we all know.

I'm anxiously awaiting the stadium location report due in a few weeks by the city hall staff and then the decision by the Pan Am Games venue committee (which Braley is also either the head of or a member of)

As an Argo fan, and more importantly, a CFL fan, I congratulate you for offering this suggestion for consideration and comment. You obviously have the best interests and well-being of the league, including both the Ticats and Argos in mind.

But I would much rather see the stadium in a location (Burlington has been suggested) that could accommodate both teams - I would not want to see the stadium simply handed to Toronto. Yes it would require compromise by both teams and their fans but I am convinced that such a sharing arrangement will be in the long term best interests of the CFL in Southern Ontario and, by extension, to the Ticats and Argos themselves.

I acknowledge however, that it will not be easy to ask Ticats fans to look past their preference for the stadium to be located soley in the best interests of the Ticats and seriously consider the larger , long term picture.

An interesting idea. However, the Games were awarded based on a proposal that outlined what goes where, how much it will cost, community benefits, political lobbying, etc. etc. It would probably be very difficult to change the location of major facilities like a stadium at this point. Besides, I think the Argos would survive quite nicely if they could field a decent team.

Anyway, Hamilton deserves the facilty.

An Argo-Cat fan

If Braley has a say in where the final stadium goes... and then also has a stake in the Argos ..then absolutely NOT

Like i said in another thread he could be setting us up for that .. whoever has the say in where the stadium is placed will decide where it goes ..

Argos do not really need a stadium ... weather they sell 20 thousand seats in a 25 thousand seat stadium or 25 thousand in a 50 thousand seat stadium wont really make a difference (those numbers just an example)

I on the other hand do not like the shared stadium idea but it would matter to me less than it would matter to the people in Hamilton .. how could you possibly say this is "our team" when it's located in another city?
How could you build a hamilton fanbase or a toronto fanbase when neither team plays in its named city?
future sustainability requires young new fans ... if a team is not in Hamilton or Toronto then it would be hard sell to say this is your team .. then it will eventually turn into 2 burlington teams ..good luck with that.

You can argue about the NFL doing it ... but thats still not proven it worked ..and the fanbase is much different between the CFL and the NFL


Its their games. Let them pay for them and leave us out of it altogether. Its a giant waste of my money to host them in Hamilton. I've said this all along. We can build a stadium for the same city investment WITHOUT the games because the stadium velodrome complex is massively more expensive than what we require. We don't need the games, they need our money. As for a shared stadium, that would be the death of the Ticats for many and isn't an option


That would snatch away the only opportunity Bob Young
will get to recover some of the millions of $$$$ he has lost

and leave Hamilton with a crumbling hulk of a stadium
much like what happened in Ottawa at Lansdowne Park.

Forget it Earl, your trying to set up an argument for a stadium to house an NFL team (read between the lines) Hamilton Is due a fair share of infrastructure coin from the fed,s and Province, if it does not come now it never will, and Ivor Wynn will fall down< besides Mr young has said _new Stadium Or he will relocate the team! :thdn:

Mass, pleeeeeese. I'm not trying to get an NFL stadium in Toronto. You should know by now I want nothing to do with the NFL having a team in Toronto, it's CFL all the way. I want to be sure the CFL remains strong. I have nothing agains't the NFL and enjoy watching some but for me the NFL belongs in the US as far as teams go.

I want Hamilton to have the new stadium but I want the CFL to thrive more than Hamilton having a new stadium as long as Bob Young doesn't want to relocate the team of course!

Earl, you can't have your cake and eat it too

The fact is Earl The Toronto Argonauts Have a stadium Built for them, It was once called The Sky Dome, It was built FOR them and the Blue Jays . The site lines for football in the 500 level are as good as the view in Ivor Wynn, Its built like a hockey style building, the Argo,s don't need a new Building! Hamilton does!

No Mass, the Retractable Roof Stadium now known as Rogers Centre was built for the Blue Jays. The Argo were not even a minor consideration when designing it. It may be the worst football stadium in North America.

isn’t Sherwood Park suppose to get a stadium ?

I have heard it was suppose to be moved but it till have about 10,000 seats however most temporary.

Could the Argos hop on this boat? and possibly team up with York University again? If the stadium would be completed by 2015 - the same time the new subway extension will be finished?

No Mass, the Retractable Roof Stadium now known as Rogers Centre was built for the Blue Jays. The Argo were not even a minor consideration when designing it. It may be the worst football stadium in North Americ

Ex-actly AKT. :thup:

And the NFL knows it which is why they said today Toronto has stadium issues if they want an NFL team. Not saying football doesn't work to some extent in the stadium but definitely, all the way, second class citizens in that stadium. Can you say Blue Jays Drive? And with the Argos the most Grey Cups, Jays with two MLB crowns don't come close. Where's Argonaut Drive? Idiot Toronto, I'll never go to another Blue Jay game as long as I live. F a...s Toronto is. And Rogers also, priiiiiiiiicks.

I recall that the Sky Dome was a winning bid for the domed stadium that was put to tendore , IT was built for CFL football and the Blue Jays, recall reading article aboot the pitchers mound, it floates and the water is drained for switching over to football. Argo,s have a home its SKY DOME! The retractable roof was the selling point, even though other bids had much larger seating capacity lmoa!

Earl you sure know stir the pot. :lol: Hamilton needs the new stadium, that's if they can ever decide where to put it. :wink:

What I can't figure out is how three levels of Government helped finance BMO field with the supposed understanding that it would be used by all. Then allow MLSE and the Soccer people to hijack it and take over, shutting the Argos out by making the field too small. I know Dalton's Liberals are spooked by the teachers union, afraid they might go on strike just before an election, and the NDP Mayor of course would be in their corner all the way. The Feds are always afraid to be seen putting money into something for Pro sports only, because of the out cry from special interest groups. So here we sit with the Toronto franchise in trouble again.

But the Pan-Am stadium should stay in Hamilton and let the Toronto situation play it self out.

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats have played in the same stadium for eighty years. It is their time for a new one.

As a last resort, if the Argos cannot partner with someone to build a stadium in Toronto and are unable to secure a long term lease at Rogers Centre, and given the fact that MLSE has manipulated the configuration of BMO Field so that CFL football will likely never be played there, one cannot rule out the option of playing Argo home games at the new Hamilton Pan Am Stadium in 2015. Particularly if the stadium is located at the West Harbour, then Torontonians would soon find out how convenient it is to get there and back by GO train.

Although this arrangement would not be the first, second or third choice of Argo fans (or Ticat fans), this would give "homeless" Argo fans a new, comfortable, convenient place to watch CFL football while helping the Hamilton economy a bit.

NO! I'm tired of hearing about how Toronto is too important to the league, so let's all kiss their butts. We should not offer them the stadium. Ivor Wynne is going down, one way or the other. It can go kicking and screaming or we can put it to rest gracefully but it's just about had it. Accept it.

Did he really say that?! I think he's trying to gain some political ground with city hall but they don't care about the Ticats anyway. Secondly, he'd have a hard time relocating a team to another Canadian city that doesn't have a stadium.