Should the city buy the Tiger-Cats?

Apologies if this has been posted before but just reading this. That last sentence ticks me off :x :

Merulla proposes city buy Tiger-Cats - Owner says club losing millions of dollars

[i]Hamilton Coun. Sam Merulla is arguing the city should buy the Tiger-Cats from owner Bob Young because the municipality already owns most of the franchise through the subsidies it has provided the team over the years.

As the Tiger-Cats and the city enter into mediated negotiations over where to locate the new Pan Am Stadium, Merulla is proposing that Hamilton buy the football club for $1, and then run it like the Hamilton Utilities Corporation, or maybe the Green Bay Packers of the NFL.

“We have tens of tens of millions of dollars invested in the Tiger-Cats,? said Merulla, who has been opposed to tax dollars financing the Pan Am Games event. “We have a duty to protect the (city’s) investment and protect the Tiger-Cats.?

Merulla said any city purchase of the Tiger-Cats should follow the HUC example, or the model established by the Green Bay Packers, which has been community-owned since 1923. The Packers sell shares to the community, which includes voting rights, but no dividends. The stock does not appreciate, there is a limit on how much one person can own in stock, and a board of directors is elected to run the corporation. The Packers are the only nonprofit, community-owned franchise in American pro sports, in a city that has a population of only just over 100,000. The money raised is then used to improve the football club, and stadium.

Merulla said Hamilton subsidizes “We have a duty to protect the (city’s) investment and protect the Tiger-Cats.?

the Tiger-Cats as they play in Ivor Wynne Stadium, and Young says he has lost money on the arrangement. So, Merulla asks, how will the Tiger-Cats make money in a new stadium?

“It’s not a general landlord-tenant scenario,? said Merulla.

“It is the epitome of a corporate welfare scenario. Residents need to understand they are contributing to the Tiger-Cats already. We need to look at community-based ownership from both a capital and operating basis.?

Mayor Fred Eisenberger has stated that the city provides about $1.3 million per year to the Tiger-Cats. Under an agreement between the city and the Tiger-Cats, the football club also receives the revenue from the concession stands, and advertising at the stadium.

The city a few years ago paid for a new field, while the club purchased a new scoreboard.

Young has stated the club will lose up to $7 million if the new stadium is built in the Barton and Bay street area.

The city is contributing about $60 million for a new 15,000-seat stadium on the waterfront for the Pan Am Games. A city consultant’s report stated for the stadium to expand to 30,000 seats to accommodate the Tiger-Cats, another $50 million will be needed.

The Ticats have yet to contribute any money to the project, and it is unclear where the $50 million will come from other than from “private investors.?

Merulla said Tiger-Cat officials told councillors early in the discussion about building the stadium for the games that the private sector “will come in with tens of millions of dollars.

“We were told to ‘jump on the bus.’ Now I feel like (the Tiger-Cat officials) want to take us for a ride."[/i]

  • BY KEVIN WERNER, NEWS STAFF May 27, 2010 00:05
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Merulla said:

“It is the epitome of a corporate welfare scenario. Residents need to understand they are contributing to the Tiger-Cats already."

I'm speechless .....but I'll try

The economic benefits that the Ticats generate for City's economy is estimated at around $60-80 million. Not to mention charitable work.

The emotional benefit of having a professional football team that everyone in the community can point to as a central rally point is priceless.

Where in the hell does Merulla get off calling the team a welfare case. :x

What does he call the purchase of the Rheem site and the subsequent release of the Rheem Corp. from remediation costs?

Right about now, if I was Bob Young, I'd dis-mantle the scoreboard, pack up the team's equipment and get out of Dodge.

The insults to him from the Mayor and Council are getting worse by the day.

And this statement is particularly disgusting:

“We were told to ‘jump on the bus.’ Now I feel like (the Tiger-Cat officials) want to take us for a ride."

The idea of the city buying a pro sports team has as much chance of happening as a lead balloon getting off the ground. That's the long and the short of it.

An Argo-Cat fan

Wouldn't the city "fathers" wet their pants if Bob Young read this article and responded on Monday morning with a one-word press release simply saying "SOLD".........then demanded his "loonie", packed up the office and waved goodbye.

That in nut shell is the reason why the city of Hamilton is in it's present state. The city fathers are " inept " Tough to fly like an eagle when you work with a bunch of turkeys. Idot's on parade.


Well.....whatever. Be speechless.
But its not as nuts as suggesting the stadium should be built at the Lafarge slag site. Or as nuts as the posters who suggested the Caretaker move the team to Moncton, Ottawa or wherever else if a deal doesn't work out with the city.
You were not speechless when those ideas were circulated.
Maybe Merulla's idea is not so far-fetched. But the Caretaker may not want to hand over the team for a dollar.
I suspect if the outcome of these talks results in the city losing the Pan-Am stadium then maybe Merulla's idea will create a lot of discussion.
To me, the big question is .....will there be enough fans in the future to support anyone who runs the Tiger-Cats?
I'll bet the Caretaker is asking himself that same question. And so should the City.
One thing this stadium issue has shaken out is that no-one should take the future of the Tiger-Cats for granted.
If this team can't continue then we should all be speechless. But until then maybe you should be talking about Merulla's
question .
"Speechless" is a bit of an over-reaction given the dicey situation the team is in right now.

Very underhanded way of your councillor to conduct himself.

When a city plants flowers do they walk all over them and tell them they are welfare flowers ? Or what about decorative lights ? People don't expect a RETURN on investment on everything they pay for. People like him and Doucet in Ottawa are the weakest and most selfserving in society.

"Duty to protect the Tiger-Cats" Wow ! He really thinks people are stupid. His comment about buying the team for one dollar also shows the lack of respect this guy has for Young or the team.

This one is the craziest so far,
So I guess if the City buys the Cats they wont loose upwards of 7 million a year playing at the harbour.

Because we will be picking up that tab !!!!

"Speechless" is a bit of an over-reaction given the dicey situation the team is in right now.

Dicey situation?.........and Merulla throws more gas on the fire with more insults from City Hall ? :roll:

I'd be more worried about his over-reaction and possible fall-out than mine.

Talk about what ? Why would Bob Young sell the team for one dollar when he's got 10 to 20 million of his own money in this already. You think it is nuts to suggest that Bob Young move the team, People are suggesting he could SELL the team to interests in another city, that is not nuts... It makes a ton of business sense.

Where you make a point is that there comes a point when the damage to the image of Bob Young and the Tiger-Cat brand becomes unssurmountable. Hamilton politicians are screaming all over the place that they are spending 1.3 million dollars a season or 130k a game to get 25 000 people to spend money in the city, Moncton was happy to pay 800k for ONE GAME !

Also this team is about to have a breakthrough season on the field, there is no better time to sell thatn when your winning. Ask the fans of the Nordiques, Expos and Jets.

Not to say anything about the players coming in to camp... :roll: :roll: :roll:

Well than it just might happen.

Deerhunter speechless hmm,I believe Lincoln said a man has two choices remain silent and appear ignorant or speak and remove all doubt thanks for speaking deerhunter

That seems to apply perfectly to Merulla, Eisenberger and Collins these days.......thanks for the quote :thup:

Than there is the "If you don't have anything good to say, keep your mouth shut" also applies :wink:

Only Sam, who voted for the West Harbour location, would spew such nonsense, now that Fred's "City-Building" pipe-dream is about to go down the tubes. That's Hamilton, get used to it.

I actually think community ownership may not be an option that Bob Young would automatically oppose. I don't know because frankly this is the first public debate we've had about it during his ownership. To automatically beleive Young is insulted by the reality that the Ticats are indeed a subsidized business doesn't give Mr Young much credit IMO.

You do realize Merulla voted against hosting the games at all and has been steadfast in his opposition. For him to vote in the site selection is only a matter of him picking what he believes is the best of bad options. Good gracious that hurt defending the only other councilmen besides Collins I have very serious issues with

Sam said:

“It is the epitome of a corporate welfare scenario. Residents need to understand they are contributing to the Tiger-Cats already."

Sam makes it sound like it’s only a CFL team that “costs” a city money when you look at it one dimensionally. This that I posted before about the San Diego Chargers quest for a new stadium from the Field of Schemes site:

One, it costs, according to the grand jury, $17 million a year to operate and maintain that stadium. The City loses that amount of money every year. And, second, the City owns that 166 acres of land which could be put to better uses. It could be developed. It could be a park created along the riverfront. So there are all sorts of things that could be done that would be better for that piece of land.

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Yes , thankyou Deerhunter . :lol:

Man I missed that play on words :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: