Should the CFL set up a direct streaming service like the NHL?

Hello everyone,

Just thought I should start this, as I didn’t see another one like this. I was just wondering what people’s thoughts are on this. I think it would good for the league to set up a direct streaming service like the NHL does, where you pay a chunk of money before the start of the season and get to watch all the games in the season, and the price goes up the further into the season you are. Obviously they would have to split the revenue with Bell. Think this might be a good way to bring in more cord-cutters who don’t want to subscribe to TSN, plus it would be a revenue boast for the league.

…not sure there’s a business case there…you’re talking about establishing an independent media crew to cover each game (so, multiple crews actually) and hoping there’s an audience who doesn’t already subscribe to cable that will purchase this service…Maybe individual teams might do it…

Would likely have to be in partnership with TSN, or whoever holds the broadcast rights in the future.

…tsn already provides a streaming service…

And TSN likely would not give up streaming rights without significantly lowering what they pay for rights.

TSN already shows every game, already live streams every game and archives every game in case you missed it live. TSN also sells online subscriptions by the month so you can get the whole CFL season for $180 per season.

How does your plan improve on what we already have?

Okay that’s fine and the league can study for a few years now how other leagues are doing as early adopters.

Then perhaps others can outbid TSN too.

Sports are going to go more and more to streams.

And if TSN hopefully this time the league dictates the game schedule not TSN and its flubs.

Again, any proof that the league does not currently dictate the game schedule?

Again, we’ve offered opinions and evidence in another thread.

Obviously you don’t agree with any at all, but hey it’s a forum.

The league would not have things this way on their own all the same. If you don’t see it that way or are ambivalent, well that’s your resigned view.

I’d just like something more concrete if you’re making such strong claims. I’ve only seen conjecture, not evidence.

Many fans don’t like Sunday games. Many fans do.

The simplest answer is that the league is choosing to cater to the fans that do not want Sunday games; i.e., they are indeed having things this way on their own.

That’s not to say that TSN does not share that desire of many CFL fans not to have Sunday CFL games; I’m sure they do, and I’m sure they have communicated such to the league. That does not, however, mean that the league has surrendered control of its scheduling to TSN.

Agreed except evidence indeed was supplied on multiple fronts, but you felt it worthy of dismissal or discredit

It is very unlikely we find that smoking gun you seek or demand.

We all are going to line up what is available to make informed opinions and observations and it’s not as you imply some wild conjecture.

Anyway, no use rehashing what is mostly in the scheduling thread or adding to it now.

For sake of streaming options, leagues have some degree more clout for media rights not less. And they ought use it.

The UFC are merely one case in point though they have flubbed the implementation.

Correct me if I’ve missed something, but the only evidence I could see was that some fans like Sunday games. The league now not featuring Sunday games has somehow led to the conclusion that the CFL surrendered control of its scheduling to TSN. That does seem like wild conjecture to me, especially given the fact that some fans do not like Sunday games.

Regarding your take on streaming options, I agree totally. It will be interesting to see if they split streaming rights from cable rights when the current deal is up. I sure hope they do, or if they don’t they at least get well compensated for those rights.