Should the CFL play a game internationally?

The NFL plays games in London and Mexico City. The NBA just had a global game in London. Why not the CFL?

nothing to gain

Agree, nothing to gain because not enough fans internationally for the CFL IMHO that would make it work. The Super Bowl name is known for obvious reasons but a domestic league with the Grey Cup name? There are many Canadians who don’t have a clue what this is. :wink:

Better to play games in Canada - outside the 9 host cities.

Here is why the CFL has not and should not play games internationally.

In the 10 years the[url=]National Football League[/url]has played in London, tickets for all but one of the 14 games have sold out, including seats for this season's matches, which start Sunday with the[url=]Indianapolis Colts[/url]and the[url=]Jacksonville Jaguars[/url]at Wembley Stadium. For all that popularity, the games are still losing money, said Mark Waller, the NFL's head of international development. The productions are extraordinarily expensive, and the league has yet to make enough from British broadcast rights, ticket sales and sponsorships to offset the costs.
Losing money even selling over 80,000 tickets at an average of $130.00 a pop. Those kinds of numbers are something an international CFL game would not even be remotely close to in terms of interest and ticket sales revenue.

Well they tried in in Halifax which was a big failure again.
Why not USA. CFL gaining support and following.
However other Canadian cities would work as they have never been given a chance to view.
That works!!

I apologize in advance for my ignorance, but why were the games in Halifax a failure? It seems that that Halifax is but a stadium away from getting an expansion team. I think that by selling out virtually every game, the NFL has demonstrated that there is interest for their game in England and possibly laying the framework for a team there. I think the payback could come later. It seems like a great way of "testing the waters" before actually committing a team there.

I do agree with your "Why not USA" comment. There is already a lot of interest in football there and many under-served markets.

Also. In the case of these neutral site games, there is no "home" team, so the hosting city and tv audience may not be as "vested" in the game, as might occur if the hosting city actually had a team, IMO.

Just a note!! Halifax had very small crowds in a small and tiny stadium. Cfl has basically offered them a franchises 10 12 years ago. Nothing has happen. Not a big populated area that struggles economically. Cities and province said no to funds. No real big team investor has come forward.
Expansion SHOULD BE OPEN TO ALL. Other Cities are on a boom with major Dollars in there pockets with great commercial opportunities. Why not go there!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Las Vegas would be about the best international site, drawing some of the thousands of Canadians in the city at any one time to the game, along with thousands of U.S. CFL fans who are scattered across America, but who follow the CFL on ESPN (it's not uncommon for a quarter million U.S. viewers to watch the entire 3-hour gamecast, which suggests the total number of unique viewers could reach 1 million or more per game.)

Some of these passionate American fans might make a CFL weekend sojourn to LV just like some Canadian fans of the teams playing (an example might be the Riders fans who congregate in Phoenix to watch a NHL game each year featuring some Sask. players). It might not be far-fetched to draw 15,000-20,000 for an exhibition game in LV, like the league did with it's game in Portland in '93.

The CFL also played a game in NYC and other U.S. cities. Other locations might include Boise, Grand Rapids, Rochester and Portland.

It's kind of ridiculous to contemplate playing CFL games across the pond, unless it was against a NFL team (flag football?) for charity, concussion research, etc.

I was at the CFL game between the Riders/Posse back in ‘94. The temperature at field level was 113F, and there were about 11,000 people there. Never again.

Oh, and of course it’s soon to have the NFL

To my recollection the games down East were in Moncton, called Touchdown Atlantic. 10,000 seat stadium enlarged to about 16,000 and sold out the first year. Smaller crowd the second year but still had a lot of interest.

Very well said. But not Vegas as NFL bound but the will have a covered stadium.
Here is the big point!! CFL is a business league with real owners who want a small expansion that will increase revenue, fans and profile. Commissioner Randy will do what owners want or be gone!
These owners want there teams value to increase. Be worth more.
Therefore in Canada you want to ensure that's this franchise will be successful.
Big franchise fee around 12 million, nice well located state of the art stadium that seats 26,000
to 30,000 people, and in the bank 24 million operating capital, good commercial viability and
committed ticket sales. If you owned a team wouldn't you expect this.
If not don't expand.We keep offering this to only ONE AREA. Why not open it up in a news release
that all cities will be considered if they meet criteria. Great free advertising.

Lastly the possibility of a NFL sponsored development league. Unlike crappy owner plan from last fiasco. NFL has 20/30 on a practice squad been paid anyway on each team. 18 teams total just a thought. Were basically supplying them players now.
Cheers hopefully Randy doesn't just push one area any more!!

Just using the name Halifax/Moncton area as from news reports that MAYBE be a considered location.
A lot of interest would be 25,000 plus to show support and commitment of a few stadium
for any location. Owners and investors lining up. For one or two games many cities/areas
would draw 20,000. LONG term is a little different. Requires big bucks
Cheers good thought.

Toronto averaged 13,000 last year and have never broken 25,000 in two years not even for the east final . BC averaged 19,000 and Montreal is no different . So the three biggest cities don't qualify long term . Halifax doesn't have to do much to match the low standards set by the big brother CFL cities . This is a 24,000 and up
league in terms of stadium size . Montreal right now seats less than 24,000 .

The only international game should be one sponsored by the one's needing one like an ESPN and it needs to be in a market interested that holds sway like New York .
That would be the only reason to put a game on ; other than Canada . You expose the game to people who can actually buy the product . The NFL goes to Britain because of TV deals with good ratings not just for future expansion . So if the CFL plays a game in the states it's to expose the product to it's viewers . Right now ESPN does not expose or promote the product like they did in the 80s to get viewers .

Are Canadian cities sellable?

The point. The teams that averaged under 20,000 per game LOST MONEY.
The west has the better teams during season play?? WHY They average 5,000 more fans per game.
9 home games means better system. BC has struggle so as Toronto and Montreal. Lets fix those first
before we do expansion but give any city an opportunity to apply. Maybe there is none!
Lets not have a new anchor to pull. Want a franchise show the money.

Why do you think that Canada's three largest metros have the lowest average attendance? 9 home games means better system? I don't follow.

because there is so much more to do and there is more American influence. A very large percentage of new immigrants end up in our 3 largest metros.

p.s. seems to me that there should be some limit to number of imbedded quotes.

Other than cost, there is just no interest in the CFL outside Canada.

In fact , I doubt England and Mexico even know’s Canada has a league.

That is right on. Larger centers have so much more to do. In Vancouver/Kelowna NFL rules at pubs.
No CFL games on Sunday which is why there is none. Beer specials which are American owned.
Cheep food no need to go to NFL games which most will not attend anyway .Killing CFL game attendance in larger centers.