Should the CFL pivot from Halifax and expand to Chicago (and/or other US cities)?

sorry my bad i missed that detail. slaps her own wrist :wink:

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Randy was embellishing the league losses. If he spoke the truth, the Gov't would've gave them a loan, but they wanted a grant that they weren't required to pay back.

There was talk that the league wanted to give the Canadian gov't free signage ads for it's money/ There was no intention to pay back any loan. There was talk of Bob Young fronting the league money to play a 2020 season, but the league said no via Toronto and Montreal. Again, they didn't want to pay back a loan to a another owner.

The Maritimes expansion is dead. Moncton is a lesser candidate for expansion than Halifax.

Once the Bears issue a 90 million dollar cheque as an early penalty to break their lease with the city of Chicago, it will officially become an open market for expansion. Then you will see a race to who gets there with the XFL, USFL and CFL. That is when the CFL will look seriously towards US expansion


Good evening CFL Fans!

I'm a big American CFL fan! However, with out some serious financial backing and excellent marketing it will not make it in the USA. I'm sorry but ESPN+ is not going to cut it. CFL needs big TV Contract to get the ball rolling. Ok time for comments...



been done before and it was a fail.


Maybe it will fail...But if you just put team in the northern border states only it might work...moving teams in the south like Alabama was a failure.


I'm watching the Ticats vs Als and the crowd is sparse! Why? Are the ticket prices that high?


Battle for 2nd and right to host a playoff game in the East.

Both teams would be below 4th in the West and miss the playoffs entirely.

That probably affects fan engagement.


Ok well i wish that on no one! these teams are just going through rough stretch i guess...

Montreal is a city that will very much back a winner...The Als have had very good attendance in the past when they won consistently. Right now, there seems to be an ownership issue and they're a middle of the pack team in a weak East division...

Hence the lower attendance... If the game was in Hamilton it would have a bigger crowd regardless of how bad the Cats have played this year...

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17 k not great but ok ....

also considering all the negative feeling around the team with the ownership lately it's alright .

Much better than Toronto home games .

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There has been speculation that the CFL is looking for a much bigger payday from an American broadcaster. If there was an expansion clause in the deal that there would be at least 4 million American dollars per team, I think the league would jump on it. MLS gets around 9 million per team.


I'm sure there are High Schools that get better crowds than the Argos. :grin: :stuck_out_tongue:

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Even without any teams they should be getting at least 1m a team by now with all the US players , the competition for programming today and all they have to do simulcast the game .

Not any hard costs it's all sell ads and sponsors

they can cobrand with Canadian associated products and push that aspect .

ESPN plus and ESPN deal with TSN is not any good if it does not produce a progression in regular prime programming with a ratings advancement .


Sorry to say but the MLS will never be on the same level of generating revenue like the NFL is even with football supposedly declining.

Every sport is going through ebbs and flow in terms of participation.

COVID did a lot for people to set their priorities in terms of where they hard earned money goes.


The government weren't going to commit financially to a league where half of the players don't even live here.

This obsession with Chicago needs to stop.

The CFL will get to 10 teams at some point.

It takes the right location, ownership and the right stadium plan for that to happen and that takes time and work to do so.


Reality - if they go south, find smaller markets the NFL won't bother with. Sacramento, Portlandia, those 1M+ cities that can't support an NFL franchise....

CFL is still talking about and putting some effort into putting a team in the Atlantic region, so it is not completely dead. Though it is still a long shot, at least they are trying.

On the other hand, there is no evidence the CFL is even considering a franchise in America. Mainly speculation exists because people for some reason believe there will be a huge tv contract available once a team is announced there. Truth is: people in the US just does not care about the CFL. CFL has been airing over the ESPN networks for over a decade and yet, there have only been maybe 5 games that reached 200,000+ viewers. Plus once the NCAA and NFL season starts, airing CFL games would be more of a burden than a benefit for a network.

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I agree that Halifax is a poor choice. Chicago would work, but placing a team in Buffalo would work out well for the CFL East. It's just a drive across the boarder and Buffalo is a great football town (That is probably the best that could be said for it though).


I doubt that the CFL would put a team IN Buffalo. Maybe a bit more doable to put a team in Windsor and play its games in Detroit. Not likely to happen but could work to get a tenth team without having to wait for a stadium to be built. That's assuming that there IS a stadium there that can fit a CFL sized field (without compromising the dimensions like what happened during the US expansion in the '90s).