Should the CFL pivot from Halifax and expand to Chicago (and/or other US cities)?

Halifax is big enough, just don’t understand why they can’t get it done, maybe Newfoundland sailors. In st.John. , or Quebec . Push the nfl. As a whole province. For support, like sask. Or Quebec, city. Makes sense to me. Chicago would be ok if they stuck to our rules and brought in Canadian ratio.

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Community ownership seems to be what’s working with government help to build and run the stadiums. I don;t see why halifax or toronto don;t do it. The u.s. forks out millions to build stadiums to keep sports teams in their cities. Why is Canada different in the east. Halifax could easily build a stadium between provincial government and the city. The feds would even clip n. They helped Quebec build an empty nhl sized hockey arena. What’s the problem then.

During the 109 years Canadian football has been played, the Atlantic region has been ignored for 70+ years. The attention that they did get was on again, off again. This is the reason why there is no public support for building a stadium. The CFL has to do a lot of work cultivating the Atlantic and the main reason why they are sticking with the neutral site games is lack of support in Toronto. MLSE makes more money this way.

Having one event per year isn't enough though. Most of the people who attended "Touchdown Atlantic" were from out of town. They need to be in a situation where locals are attending in big numbers. You can't expect the visiting team to go to the Atlantic for 9 games (plus pre-season and playoffs).

Also Halifax is a port city so they would have a fair amount of immigration. Despite the success of CFL 2.0, you can't expect people from Halifax to automatically know the game. They would know that Canada loves hockey but most would not know about the CFL.

The CFL is most likely trying to convince Halifax to build a 26k stadium which is why there is a huge delay naturally. I think if the CFL has a game in Moncton in 2023, it'll show that the league is back on track. We'll have to wait until the announcement though.


Apparently the CFL is already in Chicago. Just not the way we want it to be.

LOL! But anyway, what does this mean?

The optimistic view would be that the Chicago Federation of Labor could be convinced to support the league and get their members involved somehow.