Should the CFL pivot from Halifax and expand to Chicago (and/or other US cities)?

Then we go with someone else as Dave and countless others have already said.


Yes - but who ?

Half empty stadiums like Montreal , Ottawa , Hamilton
Empty stadium in Toronto

The West is the CFLs saving grace , time to take a solid business look at what is really happening


Netflix. They are looking for sport content and need a Canadian content requirement. The CFL and Netflix need each other.

Just need to get that 10th team for balance scheduling and broadcasting with the potential new partner. The CFL might have to shoehorn Moncton as that 10th team or go to Chicago


I did not know that Netflix was looking for Canadian Sport content , thanks for the info - hopefully hockey wouldn’t be their first choice .

I’m not sure about the CFL going to Moncton , is there a will for it from local governments support or would it be the Halifax deadbeats all over again .
I do know for a fact that there is a CFL following in Lombard , Illinois a suburb of Chicago - may have potential


ESPN can get lost already, so I am not sure why you continue to shill for them.

Theirs has been a raw deal all along, and the CFL can and will do better.


You can read more about the financial reality at Disney now before engaging in such unrestrained optimism for the sordid, declining likes of ESPN as well.

ESPN is as old and tired a brand as Old Spice that despite whatever new marketing efforts, it still sucks. There is no future with ESPN other than via perhaps a sweetheart deal, and they don't have a whole lot of money like the days of yores but for perhaps for a cheap date and that's not the CFL's interest in any more after the first sour deal from ESPN that we can see clearly did not get the proper scrutiny in the age of modern media by the CFL brass.


This was breaking news in a new thread about Netflix engaging in sports now, which to me made sense as a natural fit because a vast audience is already there for everything else!


[quote="DaveDaHammer, post:1, topic:76771"]
... is only one location. I'm not asking for multiple expansion but later add more teams. The XFL and the USFL are ignoring this market. The Bears suck. Chicago can support 2 different brands of football in that city. The CFL should move there ASAPIf you say it failed in the 90's or no to US expansion. Don't respond. We have heard your excuses on other threads. I want legit suggestions.Have at 'er then
[/quote] You just cant down here in major markets you can't go head to head with the NFL monster.

Who said anything about going head-to-head, as in on NFL game day, let alone most of the CFL season not during the NFL season all the same?

And for those college football fans, NO, many fans around the country are not fans of your sport and will watch other football over yours when there is the option because college football is what it is predominantly regionally not national but for a small few schools.

Just because it's a big deal where you live does not mean people even two states over give a rip about your school's game just because it's football on Saturdays.


So Non-NFL cities in the north ?

No, whether it's an NFL city or not matters not in response to your question.

Chicago is prime territory given the other leagues have not sniffed it out for a team. Yet. That's the premise of this thread.

Sure there is plenty of chatter here and beyond about other American and about Canadian cities, but Chicagoland is one massive media market and target and no, there is no going up right against the NFL and no, college football is not a threat lest one is in certain markets especially in the American South.

Here's more on the common fallacious college football objection that comes around for sake of football Saturdays in September and October that I have heard for most of my life well beyond this matter, and it's the by-product of ESPN propaganda on Americans more than anything else.

The only fellow Americans I ever hear make this argument are college football fans in hot markets for it who magically believe that all NFL fans are into college football as well. A lot of these folks sure have not lived anywhere else in their lives too let alone maybe have not visited anything but tourist traps on vacation:


Have you been to Chicago? Downtown there's Iowa bars Notre Dame bars...Michigan. We are myoptic down here about our football. I would love to see it ?

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Yes I have been to Chicago many times. I am an alumnus of Notre Dame.

Again, just because you see college football fans does not make it a college football town, which it is not much like much of the Midwest but for the college towns and nearby.

The north side also is hardly all of Chicago - that is for sure but you can't tell that to so much of that Lakeshore Drive crowd.

Sure some of the alumni head to their Big Ten games and of course Notre Dame sells out with a hefty presence from Chicago, and nobody is saying the CFL must play the same time as Notre Dame football as they won't, but nope, again, travel in much of the country and live there and you will see college football interest not overlap with NFL football interest as so many magically believe.


[quote="Paolo_X, post:2312, topic:76771"] Drive crowd.Sure some of the alumni head to their Big Ten games and of course Notre Dame sells out with a hefty presence from Chicago, and nobody is saying the CFL must play the same time as Notre Dame football as they won't, but nope, again, travel in much of the country and live there and you will see college football interest not overlap with NFL football interest as so many magically believe.
[/quote] My point being is there #'s for a 3ed option in Chicagoland?

I don't agree that the CFL in Chicago would merely be the third option, which obviously you are convinced because you are a college football fan and perhaps north side Chicago or nearby suburb guy too.

If you don't want the CFL in Chicago as I suspect, don't watch. Many others would take interest of course including those not into college football for whatever reason though otherwise totally into the NFL.

And that has been reality in MOST of the US not a minority as ESPN and certain college football diehards would have others believe.

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Halifax is big enough, just don’t understand why they can’t get it done, maybe Newfoundland sailors. In st.John. , or Quebec . Push the nfl. As a whole province. For support, like sask. Or Quebec, city. Makes sense to me. Chicago would be ok if they stuck to our rules and brought in Canadian ratio.

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Community ownership seems to be what’s working with government help to build and run the stadiums. I don;t see why halifax or toronto don;t do it. The u.s. forks out millions to build stadiums to keep sports teams in their cities. Why is Canada different in the east. Halifax could easily build a stadium between provincial government and the city. The feds would even clip n. They helped Quebec build an empty nhl sized hockey arena. What’s the problem then.

During the 109 years Canadian football has been played, the Atlantic region has been ignored for 70+ years. The attention that they did get was on again, off again. This is the reason why there is no public support for building a stadium. The CFL has to do a lot of work cultivating the Atlantic and the main reason why they are sticking with the neutral site games is lack of support in Toronto. MLSE makes more money this way.

Having one event per year isn't enough though. Most of the people who attended "Touchdown Atlantic" were from out of town. They need to be in a situation where locals are attending in big numbers. You can't expect the visiting team to go to the Atlantic for 9 games (plus pre-season and playoffs).

Also Halifax is a port city so they would have a fair amount of immigration. Despite the success of CFL 2.0, you can't expect people from Halifax to automatically know the game. They would know that Canada loves hockey but most would not know about the CFL.

The CFL is most likely trying to convince Halifax to build a 26k stadium which is why there is a huge delay naturally. I think if the CFL has a game in Moncton in 2023, it'll show that the league is back on track. We'll have to wait until the announcement though.


Apparently the CFL is already in Chicago. Just not the way we want it to be.

LOL! But anyway, what does this mean?