Should the CFL pivot from Halifax and expand to Chicago (and/or other US cities)?

Thanks it gives a better perspective of the low possibility of it being a viable option .

Too bad I have a feeling the community and province would be more accommodating to get it done .

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It can force the CFL to increase their salary cap in order to keep some talent from jumping ship to one of the spring leagues.

But spring leagues in general don't have a history of longevity (The USFL 1983-1985 being the exception to the rule (Thanks alot Trump))

It's mainly about American players wanting to stay in the US to play and wanting a chance to the NFL.


Agreed. If the spring leagues stick around I can’t see the CFL avoiding raising the salary cap. One of the deleterious effects for the CFL if the spring leagues are successful. I have no idea whether they will be successful as that is not in my sphere of interest, but have been following the discussion of same on this forum. They do appear to have better financial backing and TV money than in the past so they would appear to be a bigger threat than ever.


I believe only one of the Spring league startups will succeed. My money is on the USFL, it has a the backing of a network and is staying on budget. The trio of the Rock, Garcia and Red Bird Capital are inexperienced and in over it's head.

The CFL can still expand into the US once one of the spring leagues fail

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No, when the CFL loses ESPN mercifully for good, you have plenty of options down here as covered in the streaming thread at length:

The audiences are already NOT going to ESPN and even college football is moving away more now with the new deal by the Big Ten.

The best opportunities, as major sports have discovered, are when most games are on regular TV and simulcast on streaming.

Being locked to either Peacock or to ESPN+ for content by their owners who care more about their antiquated cable channels is a non-starter.


A successful case study is already at hand for another league that was tucked away and poorly promoted on ESPN+ and is now doing far better via Paramount+.

The same framework can be followed for any given niche sports property that has a dedicated following much like the CFL, and this notion that it has to be on a cable network is utter antiquated hooey in 2022.

The future for niche sports is NOT with NBC via Peacock or Disney / ESPN via ESPN+.

The better future is with the other players, including CBS and Fox, and their streaming properties.

I'm confident that Genius Sports know some of this and then some plus they have a large vested financial interest to grow interest in the CFL including via interactive, gaming, and gambling offerings.


Ratings for CFL West and East Semi-Finals in America were horrible partly because 20 million football fans were watching NFL games on CBS and Fox. So then, why would CBS or Fox want the CFL rights considering that all CFL post-season games are played at the same time those 2 networks are airing NFL games?

This is a great point, and something can change with scheduling depending on the broader scheme for inevitable reorganization of the CFL, but I do not agree with you that this reality is a spoiler for American media interest in a niche sports offering for American audiences who are no longer tied to merely the whims of cable channels and their ownership with antiquated thinking like at Disney and NBC Universal.

It's a given that plenty will watch the NFL even if the games are utter crap much as on most Thursday nights and many a Monday night. That's not the issue.

The issues include when do you schedule other events and making it easier for those not interested in the NFL crap, "just because it's on," so they can watch other sports just as easily as on broadcast TV or even simultaneously these days.


NHL games were played during the same time as NFL and CFL games. They cut into the viewership numbers and had no problem getting viewers.

It's just that ESPN never advertise that the CFL playoffs were on in every one of their platforms, but gave the XFL air time for the introduction of it's teams, logos and coaches.

ESPN is burying the CFL. Time to find another media partner


My guess of what will happen.

CFL will say to ESPN: We have 20-30,000 (or whatever) loyal viewers who watch all the CFL games that are aired on ESPN+. If we go somewhere else, you will lose that many subscribers and their 6-month's worth of revenue. Likewise, we would have to convince our American fanbase to pay for a different service.

How about if you just give us give us $2 million a year, and we continue to maintain our decade's long business relationship. Two million is about what you give lower level Division 1 Conferences, so that is a reasonable amount. We the CFL would be able to tell our fans that we successfully negotiated an amount equal to 10 times the previous deal.


But why are you so fixated on ESPN? There is no reason the CFL would have to merely make ONE offer to ONLY ESPN as you seem to have determined.

Reality via Genius is that they are checking ALL potential media interests. It's up to ESPN to play along and come up with far better beyond merely the money or get lost, with the latter case being rightful good riddance of ESPN by yet another league given the poor promotion by ESPN of yet another sports property of niche yet loyal interest in the US.


I think Genius Sports on the behalf of the CFL should be more assertive in negotiations by asking for 12 million and the network promotes the league better with a weekly show, a betting and fantasy hour, and announce it's scores and show high lights on Sports Center. Treat the CFL as a legit sports property like it does with the XFL


Genius isn’t helping the CFL out of the goodness of their heart. The fact that they share the tv revenue with CFL HQ and the nine teams means they are going to monetize the American broadcast as much as possible. Totally agree with you, Dave.


And if they disagree?

ESPN would never agree to all that. Essentially a waste of breath even asking. CFL probably just hopes that ESPN can match whatever is the best offer out there.

The Mouse gave the XFL airtime for it's league. A precedent has been started. The CFL has been a long time partner and deserve the same treatment


Go to a streaming site

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Americans understand that Canada is Liberal and boring , hockey is the sport here , not football - you will never change ESPN minds

Then we go with someone else as Dave and countless others have already said.


Yes - but who ?

Half empty stadiums like Montreal , Ottawa , Hamilton
Empty stadium in Toronto

The West is the CFLs saving grace , time to take a solid business look at what is really happening