Should the CFL pivot from Halifax and expand to Chicago (and/or other US cities)?

No one here except you just now said “it was never going to happen. “ Most people here agree that Halifax should be given pre-season games and Moncton should be given regular season games. I personally have indicated that Moncton should have up to 5 neutral site games, 5 years from now if they want to expand there.


I think they have already proved themselves in Moncton, but that's just my opinion and with no money from my wallet. Neutral site games are nice to sell out, but it's not a tell tale sign, especially after 6? TDA's in the Maritimes.

They wouldn’t have to sell out. For Toronto and Montreal they would just have to get more people to the game than they do at their own stadiums. That should be doable.

The reason why I have short term doubts about Moncton is that I’ve heard that they don’t have the suites that a CFL owner would want. I would hope that the lease from some neutral site games would help fund stadium upgrades


Paolo made a great point here and it's important for people to take notice.

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I think the CFL has got to go to another network/service provider. Disney/ESPN put on a big presentation for the XFL 3.0 kickoff by announcing team names, cities, coaches, etc. While the CFL gets no primer for it season debut on ESPN+


I cross-post here a timely development along these lines that involves an increased stake by Fox in FanDuel so as to add to its gaming assets:


There is a recent CBC article that had Addiction councilors worried that online gambling would make it easier for problem gamblers. In the article a problem gambler who drove a city bus for a living stopped in the middle of his route at a sports bar to see the end of a basketball game because he placed a wager on the game.

There is a recommendation in the article that Canada should limit online gambling ads after 9 PM like they do in Australia. The ads for online betting is getting out of control on Canadian TV

I work in the gaming industry. I have seen the dark side of the element


just a funny idea guys lighten up

Put a LOL! to it if you meant it to be humorous

Go CFL....I want team in Huntsville, AL! But I'll take Chicago ! However, majority of America's rabid football fans are here in the South! We have Alabama season ticket family's go back to the turn of the last century! They will have to try sell this product in a very tough market for Football. If the CFL is serious about coming to the US, They will need get FOX sports on board to do it. I think that would be good start...I love the CFL but it is running of options and time to grow in the US.

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Dave Naylor was on the XFL News Hub podcast that was released today and said there is no appetite within the league to expand into America. He said if it were to ever happen again, the CFL would have to conclude their season before Labour Day because interest in the league would take a nosedive after that date. Instead of expansion, Naylor said the league is focusing on getting a better tv deal in America.

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It’s the right thing to say in the short term. In the long term, years into the future it should be something that they look at in depth. If the American TV deal is negotiated without clauses that give different scenarios regarding how much money the CFL gets if 1) there are higher ratings, 2) there is Canadian expansion or 3) if there is American expansion or games against an American team, then whoever is negotiating the deal isn’t really a “Genius”.

“He said if it were to ever happen again, the CFL would have to conclude their season before Labour Day because interest in the league would take a nosedive after that date.”

Dave Naylor clearly hasn’t read this thread because we’ve already come up with a solution for it.


Naylor has been wrong before. Just because he's an insider he probably isn't privy to League plans. Why doesn't he scoop the media by find out the details of CFL/XFL talks. Break the NDAs, get a face to face interview with Larry Tanenbaum or the Rock.

How can the league get a better TV deal in America without an expansion plan? One leads to the other


Just expand somewhere please!!! Toronto played Hamilton 4 times in 5 weeks between Aug 6th to Sep 5th. That's absolutely ridiculous. we need more teams fast.



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With that reasoning, people here should not expect a new American tv deal to be significantly better than what they are currently getting because there is no chance the CFL is expanding into America anytime soon.


The deal and it's details aren't complete. If there's an expansion clause which gives a substantial sum in the American TV deal then the CFL would be motivated to expand to America. We have six to 12 months before we hear anything so your comment is premature.


The new US deal doesn't to involve money now. It needs to grow the exposure of the league for the next TV contract that could pay off later


Plus ..if they wanted to go the Canadiana route ....

You could use the ad space for Canadian based industries alone .

Canadian Regional Travel spots to wherever to the east to coast to the west coast to the north ... tons of money available for tourism from the provinces to the private sector ...

with that ARNB ads , Hotel ads , travel company ads , car company ads etc ...

or businesses based out of Canada that have the flavour

Tims in the states etc ,

mixed wth US based ads / or just one very large US broadcast sponsor .

if there is ads

for the lowly social media grunt or a YouTuber channel there is ads for the CFL .

CFL content would be most likely preferred as they don't need to vet the product for suitable content .


Good morning, Fellow CFL fans!

As an American the one thing that does greatly concern me is the fact if ESPN does not renew the contract.... then I lose out on CFL great Games and fantastic payoff games! I hope that Fox sports would pick them up! Or you might lose thousands of us American fans south of the border! Go Rider nation!

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