Should the CFL partner with the LFL?

OK, please dont laugh before you read. then you can laugh.

The Lingerie Football League Is planning on Expanding to Some Canadian cities. the following cities proposed are:

Quebec City

With a team already in Toronto.

I cant help but notice the majority of cities they want to expand to have CFL teams(with the excception of QC). I realize the sport is not that well respected. But there was a time when the CFL wasnt as respected as it is now. There is womens hockey, tennis, Golf, Basketball, vollyball, beach volleyball, Soccer, and probably some rugby somewhere. Right now, there is no place for women who want to play football to do so. Perhaps if they had some teams, more cities would try to start some womens only flag football leagues as a feeder system of sorts. This could be a great way to expand the sport of football and rugby to the female gender in more then just the way of a spectator. Many of us love football because we had a chance to play it. this would give young women that same type of enjoyment.

some rules would have to change- they have too many players that play both ways. the game day roster has to expand from 14 to the team maximum of 20.

They need to insure medical bills are paid for the players.

the convert rule needs to be adjusted. With no kicking for converts, only passing, i feel then they need to move the scrimage line back.

Im not sold on four downs, but its not my game, its an american game.

I relize most people feel this is just football selling sex and vise versa. But the women consider themselves atheltes. NO different then beach vollyball as far as im concerned. to say women can play football and not just be cheerleaders is empowering as far as im concerned. buts its all my opinion.

The advantage of the CFL taking control- ensuring the safety of the players. if its going to happen, it might well happen right.
They could put an important game on the same weekend as the vanier and the grey cup. Making it a tripple bill. possibly bring more fans to the CFL.
Not a whole lot of advantages for the CFL, but sometimes doing the right thing is its own advantage.

I'd be pretty happy to see a women's football league where they're treated like athletes and not eye candy. Something I could watch with my wife in the room and not be embarassed.

But the LFL? Pass.

The City of Hamilton is thankful the LFL isn't considering a franchise in Hamilton.

A neutral game played at Hamilton Copps a few months back, and the municipality (i.e. taxpayers) took a $110,000 loss on that one.
It was a disaster. Not surprisingly the demographic is something like 95% male.

Not that I have any problem with scantily clad women running around, but after 10 minutes the schtick wears thin (so to speak)... :slight_smile:

the convert rule needs to be adjusted. With no kicking for converts, only passing,
Agreed on this point.

Converts are basically gimmees and lack any dramatic pulse whatsoever.

A pass (or even a run) for the extra would encompass much more excitement and emotion to the game.

The current rule is no kicking for converts. The issue i have is the one point convert is pretty much line up on the goal line. i would like to see the LFL go with the five yard line for a one point, and the ten yard line for two point. there is pretty much no kicking in LFL

my goof...I was talking about the CFL rule.

I cant decide where i stand on converts. a bit boring... but sure pads the points for kickers. unless you play in toronto.

please no, CFL should steer clear away from this.

IMO it's a man's excuse to get his jolly's off by watching a bunch of sexy women playing in lingerie.

if they really want it to be authentic?

then allow women of all sizes to play.

let the 200-300 lb women play out there as well. let's not restrict it to just skinny breast implanted chicks.

After checking the LFL out for a few
My 1st thought was:

Catch the ball with your hands
Don't let it hit your chest
That fundamental receiver rule has never been so prominent


LOL, Haha.

It's a gimmick.

And 94% of those males are married. Can't see any Lingerie being worn in Alberta in mid November . :lol:

There is a leap for the woman's movement huh.

Is it any more objectifying then cheerleaders?

If edmonton gets an LFL team... Edmonton will have female football players and male cheer leads. very forward city that Edmonton.

Say hello to the D-line of the Saskatchewan Sasquatches;topic=452.0;attach=73;image

LOL that is awesome!

The LFL isnt a 12 men on the field game. no real place (except saskatchewan) for lineman type build players.


I would be all for a women's football league, even a women's arena football league, but the LFL needs to do a couple things:

  1. Get rid of the requirement that only attractive women can play in the league
  2. Stop playing football in lingerie.

Unfortunately, these two points pretty much define the LFL. So no, not interested in the LFL.

Should the CFL encourage or even sponsor women's football? Sure! Start at the university level, donate equipment (the LFL might actually be on to something with their shoulder pads) and see if there's interest in club-level teams forming and competing. Give it five years, and see if there's enough interest and experienced players to think about getting CIS sanctioning and/or promoting a professional/semi-pro league.

As long as we're talking hypothetically, there's one issue about which I think a women's football league could blaze a trail: the issue of headscarves in sports. I feel really bad about all the women and girls who want to play soccer, but aren't allowed to because of FIFA's (i'll be nice) highly questionable rules about religious symbols. Rather than exclude these girls (who make up a growing population in major urban centres), why not include uniform options that can accomodate their beliefs and customs? A headscarf with velcro on the neck so that it comes off if pulled? Let women players choose jersey and short/pant styles from borderline-skimpy to body-covering? and I realize that football isn't a super popular sport among these ethnic groups, but why not try to include as many people as possible from the very beginning?

I've actually given some thought to a real womens' league, and I think it's a great idea. Would be very proud to see it happen in my lifetime.


You nailed it. There is only reason why only the attractive ones are on the field scantily dressed in lingerie and it has little to do with promoting women's football.

As someone pointed out, the LFL is a gimmick and nothing more. I hope it dies a quick death. As far has establishing women's football as a legitimate sport I've mixed feelings about it. I'm not saying it should not be allowed. I'm saying it would take a whole lot more testosterone on the field to come remotely close to what such a hard hitting sport like football demands. Equality in sport is fine but common sense needs to prevail at some point. I hope the LFL never gets off the ground.

Love your Argos Signature check list by the way! :thup:


I've been trying to think of a new signature, but thanks for the kudos!

If we were talking about real gridiron football, on a 100 or 110 yard field, I would totally agree that a product with women might not be all that exciting. The throwing range of the QB, the distance that receivers could cover, all would be shorter than a mens' team. But I think the arena game might actually be more suited to women than men. I find the arena game really strange to watch with men playing. It's like putting NBA players playing on half a basketball court with 5-foot rims. The amount of activity confined to such a small field just makes everything look constricted.

I wonder how a serious womens' football team (I don't consider LFL serious) would look playing on an arena football field. Presumably, with shorter distances to cover, plays more suited to female players might look more natural.

Are there any serious womens' arena leagues to serve as a comparison? Hopefully with Youtube footage or something so we can judge?

cflisthebest wrote:please no, CFL should steer clear away from this. IMO it's a man's excuse to get his jolly's off by watching a bunch of sexy women playing in lingerie. if they really want it to be authentic?
then allow women of all sizes to play.
let the 200-300 lb women play out there as well. let's not restrict it to just skinny breast implanted chicks.</blockquote>

Say hello to the D-line of the Saskatchewan Sasquatches;topic=1840.0;attach=73;image

Interesting read. But...Showboating...Sensationalism and Sex are what businesses in my country (America) do best because down here we don't give a rats a** about image nor do we have any shame! The CFL would do well to steer as far away from the LFL as it can possibly get. CFL= Proud league and Strong tradition's LFL= Cheescake in shoulder pads! I would not want the CFL associated with the sideshow.