Should the CFL make a Canadian Pro Bowl Game?

I think there should be a Canadian Pro Bowl game just like what the NFL has.

on the other hand, nobody down on this side of the border cares about the Pro Bowl. very anitclimactic after the Super Bowl. Can't do it mid-season and risk injury.

Yeah, i dont like the Idea of Pro Bowls, seem like a waste of time for me...

But I guess maybe with a smaller league like this it would be a good way to promote the CFL and its all-stars.

Maybe just have Little Competitions like Fastest, Strongest and all that stuff.

There has been at least one CFL All-Star Game played. I recall one at BC Place Stadium in 1982 or 1983. James Quick Parker played in the game.
They practiced at UBC Thunderbird stadium. Hamilton's coach was the coach of the Eastern squad. I can't recall how the game drew. Someone look it up - I am sure I have the years right.

How about having in it cities without teams to maybe up interest in places that are marketable but don't have teams of their own?

Like Ottawa? Nah, not a great idea, IMO. We have enough clunker All-Star games in pro sports. The absolute worst has to be the NHL All-Star game because its a shinny game, with no resemblence to the real game whatsoever.

Any exposure of the game that makes it look silly is a bad idea.

Sambo's point is right on. Potential fan tunes in (a pipe dream in, and of, itself right now if said fan is in the US) with the mindset that the CFL is some rinky-dink hack league only to see an all-star game that resembles nothing close to an actual CFL game.

+1 on sambo's opinion.

There have been 14 All-Star Games in Canadian Football

From 1955-1958 the game was an East-West format held at the end of the season [West 2wins, East 1win, 1tie]

From 1970-1974 the game was held prior to the start of the season. The format was the Grey Champions vs the All-Stars. [Calgary '72 & Ottawa '74 were winners for the Grey Cup Champions; the All-Stars won the others]

1976-1978 the All-Star games were East-West match-ups held in pre-season. [West won 2 of 3 games]

1983 was an end of season East-West game with the West winning 25-15

The last All-Star game was held in Edmonton on Jun 23, 1988. The All-Stars defeated the Eskimos 15-4.

thanks stats man :slight_smile:

I would prefer a skills competition only at mid-season or something. All star games are pointless IMO.

they tired it back 90's
It did not work well

Canadian football has been around for nearly as long as Canada has. Almost everything has been tried at one time or another.

How about CFL vs NFL. Oh ya we did that in 61 ...and beat them...38/21. Hamilton vs Bills

Actually, sudbury, that was CFL v AFL

Im with Sambo,All star games are boring and a waste of time. Why risk injuring a star player in a mean nothing game.