Should the CFL look at a merger with the USFL?

I've watched a few USFL games and like what I see so far. Plus the USFL seems to have deep pockets with Fox Sports chipping in $250 million.

Could this be a viable option to merge the two leagues? Perhaps you have the Canadian league with two divisions, the US league with two divisions.


A merger is the best way for the CFL to get into the U.S MARKET. Trying to do it alone with two other U.S leagues is suicidal.

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The only thing I don't like about the USFL is the cheesy names

The football is horrible. It's like watching paint dry.

But if the USFL wants to merge. It moves to 3 downs to invigorate it's stale game and FOX pays the CFL $150 Million for a TV deal and puts all games on their MAIN network


If the USFL is still in business ten years from now and is interested in switching to a June-November season, then I think it would be worth looking into.

In the meantime, I wouldn't mind the two leagues working on a player-sharing agreement of some sort.

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The usfl will not be in business next year...


I have followed most of the failed spring leagues. I would have to say with this USFL, I have been the least impressed with the play, least interested to follow.

Whether its USFL OR XFL or whatever future failed spring league, the only agreements the cfl should be doing with them is on health and safety, referee training and possible player sharing but the USFL would have to start and end earlier.


There's a window in July and August to do some cross play but I'm fairly sure ESPN and FOX wouldn't play nice. You would have to hope that after ESPN's contract expires that FOX would be interested in picking it up. Also the TSN mouth pieces for the CFL (Farhan and Naylor) are down on the USFL and up on the XFL. XFL will most likely have a deal with ESPN and with the CFL also having a relationship with ESPN this makes for interesting speculation about what is going on behind the scenes.

I think there might be a relationship between the CFL and XFL before 2030. It could be as little as player agreements or as big as some cross play. In some situations cross play could improve travel for the league. Six out of 8 XFL teams are closer to Vancouver than Vancouver to Toronto for example. As with everything it depends on the TV deal. If any US network gave the CFL a minimum of 20 million dollars the CFL owners would sell their grandmothers. If it's substantially more than that then anything could happen.




Tell us why, Ed?


Maybe there is a possibility of the USFL and CFL working together - but probably not much chance of the USFL going to 3 downs in the near future - the CFL experiment in the USA ended in failure in 1995 and the CFL has not had any interesting in exporting 3 down football to the US market in the form of franchises - and the only outfit looking for some kind of business relationship was the failed XFL last year in the form of a merger and we all know that those talks were terminated -

That said I really think that pieces are being put into place for a CXFL merger if the XFL has a season that isn't a grease fire - if the XFL can put together a TV deal with ESPN and the NFL Network and there is 15 million USA dollars per team the the CFL teams would jump ship - the Seattle and Vegas teams are far from USA eastern Markets but close to Vancouver, Edmonton and Calgary - there are 4 markets that would not go into full revolt with 4 downs, spring football and no Ratio - TOR, MTL, BC and Stamps - if those 4 defect - the footcalypse is on -

I fully realize that those events are highly unlikely but unlikely and impossible things happen - black swan events -

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Why should the CFL go to 4 downs. It's brand is unique that it doesn't have to do so. The XFL should go to 3 downs.

If the USFL folds, the XFL can play it's schedule concurrent to the CFL and have a couple of interleague play games and have a Champions League championship game in December.

The Ratio applies in Canada while it won't in Stateside games. Kind of like the DH rule in Major League Baseball.

Have the interlocking games during MLB All-Star Game Weekend with a double header with one game in Canada and the other in the US. People will watch Football over a meaningless all-star exhibition.

By going this route, 3 down football goes global


You would have to hope that it will be an open competition.

CFL has already been told to replace the Chair of the BOG but I guess they just want to get the CBA looked after first. Can't imagine they don't feel the same way about the tv deal.


Why would an established brand want to associate right now with an old brand that is really not the same, but rather the Alabama Spring Football League, and is a bubble concept with teams not really from named cities?

If you like the idea of brown-water rafting down a river of steaming hot diarrhoea like the USFL 2.0, I could understand your point though horrified.

The XFL 3.0 failed last year. The XFL 4.0 has yet to launch off the ground with a real league that this USFL 2.0 is not, and well, it will be awhile before that discussion opens though to @Capital_Dave 's point I agree there can be a player-sharing agreement.

With this USFL 2.0 crap you don't need such an agreement. You can wait for it to fold, or you can wait for the godfather NFL, with its fingerprints now well over this so-called USFL 2.0, to double down with money it has to burn in a long-term concept. Either way you are not getting those players unless they are released.


The entity that is the NFL will allow nothing to stand in the way of their profits... They will pay lip service to the USFL to point but only as long as it serves the purpose of looking at talent otherwise unseen by other means. If it starts costing the NFL teams,owners and league lost revenue they will squish ANY league like a bug under foot. Does anyone even think the games so far have anything but mediocre talent wise. Not hearing or seeing much good so far... Just like all the other attempts to make a go of it ... They have fallen short of the mark that will allow success.

Bang on - lest folks think many of us are simply not informed in our criticism, I doubt many like me have undertaken what turned out to be the following very painful exercise.

I did the same mind you with that AAF crap three years ago.

Look at the stat sheets. I won't get into what should leap out at you here, but wow at this lower level there are so few lighting it up because as many of us know, the leap down from the CFL-level talent is steep.

I'll go on about it later, but merging the Alabama Spring League with Fan-Controlled Football or other indoor operation might be an even better business plan for those stuck on that this is going to be some lean-and-mean developmental long-term concept.

And oh by the way, the 2020s are not the 1990s in business in almost all respects such that this idea of a long-term plan is viable. That has not been the case for 20 years people! Sure companies make long-term projections, but those decisions are changed after a few months especially when certain things are not going well.

When the NFL has to muscle its NBC lemming to move a game for an upstart to NBC on a Sunday over an established global brand, well now that should tell you much including desperation already. Otherwise the NFL would have zero concern that the game is on a regular cable channel and not that piece of crap Peacock streaming app.


Americans aren't interested in a 3 down game.

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Typo... corrected.

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We have heard you on this front before. We know. And we disagree.

The CFL has been back on US TV for over a decade and can continue to be on US TV.

The CFL has hardly received proper attention as filler programming akin to certain other filler programming especially by the NFL media.

And certainly much other filler programming did not get relegated to ESPN3 like in such times so that folks like you can come around on cue and make that same tired claim over and over.

Hey, just don't watch then. Nobody will miss the haters of 3-down ball.

Or watch your crap USFL or XFL and be happy with that.

At least the NFL Network had games on in I believe it was 2012 so as to draw some proper attention, so I credit them with that.

NBCSN's effort was dogcrap, and ESPN did not cover live sports well unless it's their college football, NBA crap, or politics in the prior decade for what was supposed to be a sports channel but has not been since at least 2013.

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