Should the CFL go back to the old blocking rules?

Personally, I think the league should go back to the old blocking rules for kick/punt returns. I like to see someone break one open once and a while and go all the way with it. Also, all these illegal blocking calls force teams to start deeper in their territory and thus play on a longer field resulting in less scoring.

With all the things that were wrong with the CFL in 2005, I did not think that the rules were among them (the officials' interpretation of those rules may have been a different story however). Does not make sense to me why they changed it for 2006. Any thoughts?

My thinking is that the players association had a lot of influence with the blocking rules to try and cut down on injuries. I might be wrong, not sure, but just my guess. But they have to bring back the ability somehow to allow for some long punt returns.


Agreed. I've got to think that with all the talk concerning this, that it will be looked at.

Kick/punt returns used to be such an integral and exciting part of CFL football.

I hope they go back to the old rules too.

Get Gizmo Williams to have some input!!!!!

The old blocking rules need to be brought back. It was too confusing for the players, and the endless parade of flags on punt returns really ruined a few games. It also took the excitement level of these games down, too many dull games in the league this year. The only thing fans anticipated in the games is how the officials would rule on a replay situation.