Should the CFL get rid of the quota rule for CA players

I think the quota hurts the CFL. Some teams have to sit good players just to fill a quota. I think this is descrimination. If the CFL ever wants to compete with the NFL is if it gets rid of this old concept. The only reason I'am posting this is i haven't seen it debated.

I have no problem with the quota. We need to protect our Canadian players.
I Dont really think good players are sitting because of the rule. To my knowledge the quota states how many US players are on the roster and not the field. I could be wrong thought

Maybe modify it but not get rid of it completely.

Any sugestions?

I think that ............Canadians players are what makes it a ,Canadian football league.Along with the rules.

And it is not the only country to have a quota.

They do in European soccer..............and in the, Japanese Baseball League........where , ICHIRO , NOMO , GODZILLA , all came from.

And I don't think that Canadian players are that bad.............

2 Canadians lead the CFL in tackles..........this year....EIBAN......has the season record.

BEN CAHOON, TALBOT , HITCHCOCK , O'SHEA .........ect.............all give the local fans some one to cheer for.

Ask Darren Flutie that question. He will tell you that it is the Canadian ratio that is preventing salaries from being rock bottom. Canadian talent is what you build your team around (other than QB). You get the best Canadians you can find first then look to see what imports you need. It is like co-ed sports where you win there if you have the best women who can out compete half of the men.

It is all about scarcity. Top Canadians get premium salaries and this keeps the salaries up for the rest or there'd be a thousand US players not going to the NFL playing for peanuts just to keep in the game.

I suggested yesterday that we go back to the old rule in the CFL. Allow an import to become a citizen after 5 years and no longer count as an import.

I have no prob with aquiring your citizenship and being concidered Canadian
You can be condidered Canadian if you went to school in Canada as Cahoon is so why not

I believe U.S. Quarterbacks are not counted against the import ratio. The CFL needs to have Canadian content and 19 is about right be could be modified a bit. And lastly the CFL is not trying to compete with the NFL.

I think they should have 1 Canadian Q.B. , so they can be dev.
Don't count him in the quota.

The Only Ones That The Rule Herts Is Canadian QBs. I Think The Rule Has It’s Down Sides But The Main Goal Of The Rule Is To Help CIS And Minor Football In Canada Get More Recognition. If Anything Is Discrimination It’s The nFL Not Drafting Canadian Players The Last Three Years, Simply Because Canada Didn’t Join The War On Iraq.

Well, at least CANADA, got it right.Not joining the second GULF war.

What makes me the most mad was that Canada was and is in AFGANISTAN , and have been in every war wiith the U.S. except , VEITNAM and the war of 1812......we got that 1 right , as well.

We were also in .........WW1 and............ WW2 before the U.S. was.

And they were not smart enough to know that 1 quarter of our population is FRENCH ............fries are from BELGIUM by the way.

We are members of the BRISTISH commonwealth and say NO to ENGLAND for the first time ever.......but they showed some class.

And that the U.S. media.........didn't tell Americans all the help that CANADA has given the U.S over the years and didn't mention all the great stuff that we did for them after SEPT 11th..............with a governemt like this one..........who needs enemies.

SORRY, OFF TOPIC A BIT. :shock: but that issue makes me nuts.

Ever hear of French's Mustard.
Almost went out of buisness because of the name. Its an American company.
I also heard that in some places in the states they started calling Canadian bacon freedom bacon as well.
Hey call it what you want, we call it ham.

By the way.
The quota is not for Canadian players its for American players.
Or to put it another way there is a max number of Americans you can have or a MInimum of Canadian.
You can have all Canadian players if you want to

GREAT......... mustard fact........ro1313.

This has to be the dumbest statement i've seen on this board. The NFL drafts players from Communists countries, and countries that are our enemies. Do you believe the NFL hates Canadian people? Why do you think the CFL has a working relationship with the NFL. Some how i don't see a coach on draft day saying "oh i like him, but he is Canadian." I'am an American i still order Canadian bacon, and french fries. Some Americans hate the french, because we disagree politically. The French disagree with their gov't. I hate the french gov't, but i respect the french people. Think they're pretty smart for saying no to the European Union. :lol:

Let me ask this question to all the Canadian people. Do you think Americans hate you guys? Remember it usually Canadians booing the American National anthem. I personally love Canada. I go up there about four times a year. 99% of Canadians that i hung out with are some of the nicest people i've met. Living in the states i love to run into Canadian people, or Quebecers :slight_smile:. (don't want to get into that debate.) I work in a nuclear facility, and a Quebecer turned down the wrong road, ended up talking to him for a half hour. Bottom line is i think canadians have a misconception of american people.

  1. you usually get the tourist that are rude.(I've seen it!)
  2. you listen to are corrupt media.(Don't underestimate this.)

I am far from an expert on Canadian American relationships but I think that Canadians look at the Americans the same way you look at the french, Love the people, hate the Government.

I also think that Bush's you're with us or you're against us way of thinking is what turned off a lot of Canadians. Canada was with the US in the first gulf war(we were the ones throwing rocks) because we thought it was justified. When the second one came around we wanted more time and proof of WMD
When we decided not to join in we were hit with the silliness of Freedom fries and freedom bacon.

No-one was bothered by this but it made us feel like you guys were our friend and neighbors only if we agreed with you and followed you blindly.
Anyway that's my take on the situation

No Way, Canadian Content Stays, juggle the ratios if you must.. promote Americans that get Canadian citizenship to non imports who live year round.
As for competing with the NFL? ..I could give a rats ass about the NFL.. I am a CFL fan first foremost and always, its a unique game with unique rules.. thats what makes the CFL special.

Although we may not see eye to eye with the USA on foreign policy all the time, we still love you and go to sleep every night knowing we are safe sound in out litttle pacifist paradise because of you.

The quota, I like it and it should definitely stay and if your import and want to become a Canadian citizen as many in the past have then immigrate like everybody else has to. No special exceptions to the import rule just because you have played in the league for 5 years.

I like Hello There's first posted idea...Make the third QB a Canadian.

The Import ratio is a good mix as it is. I'd leave it in for the Canadian Flavour.

As for Canadian American relations.... I don't think we hate each other. Just like this forum, I just think we have issues that we will always debate and disagree upon.

I don't mind the idea of a third-string Canadian QB, but really - how much is he going to play anyway? Usually, the third-string QB is bench decoration, except in extreme cases. I don't see that forcing teams to carry a Canadian QB is going to do anything other than freeing up space for another import at receiver.