Should the CFL do what the MLS has just done?

MLS had just signed Beckham for the LA team for some extravagant amount of money. Being debated on the pros and cons on discussion boards.

So, should the CFL go and do a Rocket Ismail thing again, this time going after say a Michael Vick?

been there done that...ricky williams ring a bell?

how does beckham signing with an MLS team relate to the CFL?

True about RW, I'll admit that dg. And really, I don't think this is the way to really promote a league to be honest. But the MLS is doing it.

Agree, if this is what you're saying, that this thread should perhaps be in Off Topic. Apologies.

Interesting reply on this from Sportsnet where it is being discussed on the hockey forum:

"MLSEL, I just wanted to pint out that the league is no longer a single entity that owns and operates all of the clubs. The MLS started on that model, but has recently shifted to a model that is much more similar to the other pro leagues with individual owners and teams being responsible for their own financing etc.

What people are not grasping is the marketing impact of signing Beckham, not in the US, but globally. With this signing the LA Galaxy are suddenly an attractive TV contract for Asian media. LA Galaxy shirts are now a hot commodity in the Asian market and the MLS has all around increased its global exposure exponentially. When was the last time the MLS made front page news in the UK? I would guess never, but I bet it's there tomorrow and when Beckham begins play in the league. Whether people like it or not Beckham is an individual that millions of people are drawn to, and those millions of people are willing to dish out money. Without seeing the specifics of the contract there's really no way to determine whther it is a good or bad deal, it may be geared heavily to merchandising rights etc. where the deal could be worth up to $250mil, but will not necesarilly be worth as much."

Totally disagree Earl, this signing is ridiculous and will now start the dominos. Other teams will be forced by their fans to sign an equally big name, like Beckham that being over 30, and an over the hill aging soccer player.
Exactly what happened to the old North American Soccer League. When Pele, Beckenbaur and Canaglia singed with the New York Cosmos. Although the Cosmos drew well, the other teams couldn't get flies and it was the beginning of the end.
I also read recently how all of the MSL teams are bleeding big times. I would not give this league no more then 2-3 years and adios.
The same thing happened to the old USFL and to a degree the XFL.

what fans?

re-earl cmon Ricky williams didnt have one 100 yard game in the cfl, HES, the big bad nfl power running back, CFL d stood up, ( the proof was in the pounding he took!! :rockin: :cowboy:

Quote.... "other teams will be forced to sign an equally big name"

Problem is this... There are no equally big names. There are better players, since Beckham is over the hill. But, getting a better player is not what this is about. This is 'Star' recognition at its best, or worst. It is a marketing and publicity ploy. David and his wife, Posh, will be the darlings of L.A., and by extension, of the States.
Will it increase the popularity of soccer in the States? No.
Does that matter? No, because that's not the intention of this move.

I cannot believe they are paying him 250 million over 5 years......

i cannot believe this thread hasn't been moved yet as it has ZERO to do with the CFL.

and i cannot believe someone would think to make this thread in the CFL TALK section.

Actually it kinda does.

His point was should the CFL spend ridiculous amounts of money to bring in a name for publicity

They Argos basically tried this with Ricky Williams last season, and it failed.

drummer_god wrote:

and i cannot believe someone would think to make this thread in the CFL TALK section.

Some of us may not be as intelligent as yourself dg, myself included.

Thinking about it though, RW was a rb and rb's don't have the flair of say a qb. Getting a name and talent like a Michael Vick, while no where near a Beckham like signing I suppose, would be interesting but again, not necessary as I don't think he would add to the draw power in a city like Toronto really, not worth what they would have to pay him.

Excellent point.

David who??

Good job Earl on always being so open minded.

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Well I guess I could make fun of the fact that you stole our old coach, but...

'off the record' guys seem to think this beckham signing will be the death of the MLS ( they will have to pay him despite not selling tickets ) the argos might beable to scoop up a fairly new stadium for cheap and then ronovate it to CFL standards ( 35,000 )

by the way, this tory guy might become primer of ontario soon enough, and he says hes a huge supporter of the CFL...thats all i need to hear, hes got my vote ( keep the NFL outta here )..haha

...'maux, why would we want to steal your old couch?...the way these retailers hand out furntiture without paying for it for like years there's no way anyone should be stealing a couch...besides, doubtful it would match our new field, it was probably those neighbours to the east that took your couch...

....good point DG, could be a good deal in about 3 or 4 years...'maux might even have a couch to throw in there.....