Should the cfl change the import rule for kickers?

I think the league would be better off if they left the kicker spot neutral, and allow teams to use import kickers without it affecting the ratio.

go ahead, because canada produces very few good kickers (excluding me lol) and most who were good enough would play NFL for the money, and if they couldnt cut it, they'd play NFLE.

I don't think it would make much of a difference, kicking is the aspect where their is almost no difference betwen the NFL and CFL(that can be easily proved)

No kidding. Think of all the best kickers in league history.. almost all of them are Canadian (cept Ridgway who was a Brit) even one of the best kickers in the NFL is a Canadian in Vanderjagt.
Heck we've got a pretty good kicker right now named DeAngelis, also happens to be a Canuck. Really that should be an easy position to get a non-import player into.

In the Canadian wersion of football, kicking/punting is truly 1/3 of the game. For the same reasons as quarterbacks, kickers should not be subject to import rules. Besides we do have a number of Canadian kickers who would do well regardless. There is a group of Canadian kickers playing right now who could match their American counterparts kick for kick

I agree, kickers hould not be subject to import "rules".

No way!

the Canadian game is the best is kicking worldwide, except for Aussie Ball, and Canadian players are better than most.