Should the CFL add a 3rd pre-season game?

After watching the games this week, its obvious that the league needs to add a 3rd pre-season game to the sked... the first games of the season, with a few exceptions, are generally are mistake filled games... missed FGs, INTs, missed tackles, QBs overthrowing receivers... its not pretty football to watch. Its time to add another game to allow teams to get ready for the season by allowing the starters to play most the games, and to take a longer look at players trying to crack the roster.

no 3rd preseason games are needed or wanted.

Wasnt that long ago that all 4 week one games were so exciting that one would have wanted to showcase them to the world.

If there was a 3rd preseason game, there would have to be on 17 reg games and we would watch all the games anyhow. If you really want it, just imagine that this week is the 3rd preseason week.

I could only see a third pre-season game if training camp started one week (or more) earlier. I believe there are logistical reasons why training camps can't really start sooner though - something to do with American college schedules (I should take the time to find the links but I ain't going to). If I had to choose between 2 pre-season games and 18 reg season games and 3 pre-seaons vs. 17 reg seasons, I'd take the former for sure. Maybe it's a matter of expectations, but despite all the penalties and bloopers, I thought the teams so far performed beyond my expectations. Last year, the season opener seemed like a game in "mid-season form" as they say, so I don't know ... I'd leave it like it is. The ones who lose are the rookies and FA signings who only have three weeks to get up to speed, show their stuff and attempt to take the place of a vet who has has much more than three weeks.

Actually, rookie camps started June 1st, and main camps on the 5th... if you start TC for everyone on the 1st, you could easily fit in a 3rd game within that time frame.

I would like to see even 2 more added and still have an 18 game schedual. start the training camp in May

The issue I see with that is that then its an uneven number, which would mean the number of home and away games each team has would be uneven with each other.

Although they could possibly have the 3rd game held at a neutral stadium (ie: Moncton, Ottawa, Quebec City, etc.) with profits going to the CFL, giving each team 1 home preseason game, 1 away game and 1 game at a neutral stadium per season.

They would have to change the CBA to do that. Can't see it happening. Plus where would this 3rd pre-season game be held?

I would rather just see an extra week of training camp. Also, remember that the NFL has liked the CFL format, and it is part of the present CBA being negotiated. The NFL wants 2 preseason and 18 regular season games in place of 4 and 16...both sides are apparently in agreement on this. Having a shorter preseason motivates teams to try to keep some consistency year to year.

There would be potential for having one exhibition on "neutral grounds" however, and that could be interesting. potential expansion spots could be probed. You could have say 2 games in Moncton and 2 in Halifax....interesting thought anyways.

Maybe have an inter-squad game with the gate going towards charity. Not sure if a neutral site would work.

Simply no, preseason is boring, period.

All pre-season games in every sport are not as exciting to most, but that isn't the point. The OP was saying that another game is needed to get the players in game shape and test new talent, with which I agree. This years' first few games have shown that.

I actually like to watch pre-season to see what the new players can do.

More football = shorter offseason = yes

Although it would be pointless to start now since Ottawa's coming back in 2014. Maybe once the league is at 10 teams they can consider it.


No offense, but teams should be ready to play when the regular season starts. If they are sloppy and disorganized, that’s a failure of the coaches on that particular team.

You may not want a 3rd preseason game but a third game is needed. Fans don't want a 3rd preseason game because they're jonesing for football that counts. These are usually the same fans who complain that the first 2 weeks are sloppy-ass football.

Imagine that week 1 is the 3rd preseason game? Look at the Lions defense in the first half. Look at Kevin Glenn this week. They were NOT ready to play. If there was a 3rd preseason game we would have seen better football that counts.

3 preseason games has NOTHING to do with how many regular season games. We can have 3 and 18 no problem. or even 3 and 16, the season is quite long as it is. The league was fine back in the 80s with 16 games and you wouldn't have to see the same team 4 freaking times (5 if you meet in the playoffs) either.

What I suggested about 6 years ago was to have before the 2 preseason games, a split-squad promotional round robin scrimmage between 2 teams at a neutral site. Lions Stamps and Esks for a weekend in Kelowna or Red Deer or something. Promote yourselves to markets that will never get a team of their own and get a chance to evaluate a lot of players in game action. A guy like Calvillo wouldn't have to dress, but could come to practice and sign autographs. Then with a lot of the evaluation out of the way, the last preseason game could be a TRUE TUNEUP to the season, so we don't see so much of this sloppy bush football like we did between Winnipeg and Hamilton the other day that we get the first week or 2 of the year every year.

They like that format because reg season games make more money - period. That is the ONLY reason. Classic case of quantity over quality.

I have been saying for years how a 3rd pre season game is a must.
And to add to the mix, this game would be a neutral site game only.
Meaning there would only be for potential expansion cities and also for territorial venues and only 4 per year.
So Hamilton could in theory have it in let's say London, while the Argos could go to Kitchener or Oshawa.
Expansion sites like QC and the Maritmes or Victoria and Saskatoon would be involved.
The cost would be absorbed by sponsors and the league.
What better way to grow the CFL brand.

That would be the main reason IMO for having a 3rd ex game, going to the neutral sites. I don't know of any stadiums out west beside Saskatoon though that could expand to at least 15,000 for a game. Laval, London and Moncton could do that in the east.

If the regular season is shortened to 16 regular season games, yes...

(which is needed)