Should the Bombers trust Tom Higgins????

....The way i'm reading it NO....How can this joker come out with a statement suggesting that the last Bomber/Als. game turned out the way it should have....a victory for the Als... :lol: :lol: I thought Higgins was so supposed to be impartial and offering that kind of comment does nothing to suggest he is.....What the hell is the man saying when he says there's a 'football god' out there who will rectify things :lol: ...So the football entity is on the side of the Als. i would guess...I think we'll have to keep a closer watch on the officiating from now on in...There's seems to be a tipping of the scales here and i smell a rat....IF there's any kind of balatant biased officiating ....TO EVEN THINGS Higgins is suggesting then this league and it's officiating have no credibility ...That's my rant...Lapo is hesitating to comment on this latest bafflegab from the head office but Brown isn't and has said in his column, this is/was a stupid statement from the head of officiating ... Watch for Brown to get flagged without mercy in the Ham. game :thdn: We'll also be watching Tommy :thdn:

I think Higgins handled the whole thing very poorly, however, there's zero reason at all for him to have just randomly picked the Bombers to be against.

his comment merely meant that it was fortunate that the terrible call had no effect on the outcome.

He really needs to shut up about it already. Some of the things he is saying are just mind boggling now.

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thats all

I think more than just the 1 offical should have been fired to be honest Head Offical should also be fired a head offical can over rule any penalty and they had a meeting prior to calling it so theres no excuses.

...In the end the Bombers lost 2 pts....BUT the leagues officiating lost a lot more than that and that would be CREDIBILITY :wink:

We can blame the refs and cry about them all we want but it's a total waste of energy. There will be bad calls in every game, for and against us. They were not the cause of us, going down big in the first half for the second game in a row, our punter getting out kicked every game this year, Oline not being able to get us a yard and some suspect play calling! We will see exactley where we are tomorrow night!

While it's news to me that Renaud has been out kicked every game this year, I completely agree with everything else.

Great post.

And conversely, regardless of the outcome of the game, there's no reason for the Als to be crying about that PI call. It was a bad call, yes, but if our defense and special teams hadn't sucked in the second half, the game wouldn't have gone down to the wire. It's on us to win or lose football games, not on the refs.

Lets agree that Renaud has lost more then he has won this year?

That's probably fair. And he's been AWFUL recently, absolutely. But he was doing pretty well at the start of the year.

Renaud did great tonight. Only blemish was the one kick that went into the endzone.

And to get back on top, the officials were excellent tonight.

...yes i agree the officials were better last night.....BUT after that last fiasco (Bombers/Als.) it wouldn't have taken much :wink:

....Today, in a CFL site article, Higgins has retracted his 'football gods' comment....Good going Tom...At least you realized that was a big faux-pas and have regained a little of my respect for the 'head of officiating'...I don't know what he was thinking making that sort of comment...AND sorry Tom ... BUT IF there is a 'football god' he missed a few calls that should have been relayed to some of the officals during that game...ON BOTH SIDES....Anyway the Als. can't have the football god on their side for the simple reason ....LOOK at our record this year and compare it to the one last season...Whose side would that entity be on??????? :wink: :lol:

...I would rather have a head of officiating that is vocal with the fans and makes the odd slip-up (we're all human, even zebras) than the way it used to be, meaning nothing said...

....Vocal yes.....with a definite sense of impartiality :wink:

Guess this week it was Hammy's turn to be the reason for Higgin's short course on the rules of the game. Say what he may the defensive play on the 2 point convert was a PI.

This guy could be the perfect contortionist in another life. I am sure he would do much better there than he's doing as Chief of refs. He seems to be able to twist the rule book to fit any screw ups.

Here's a novel idea. Instead of giving us the whole write up on the rule book re pass interference why not give his refs that section to read. I forgot, these guys read with a forked eye.

Let's just hope there are no instances next game where these guys can give us another interpretation of the rules.

...Does anyone know which officiating crew is working the game this weekend....I just hope it's some other ref. squad than the one that did the last Bombers/Als. tilt....Maybe there won't have to be a firing after this game...Higgins and his comments are more baffling everyday...It looks like you can make up your own rules as you go along and it'll be sanctioned by the 'football gods' :lol: I think Tom should go back to wearing glasses cuz the laser work he had done seems to be wearing off...He seems to just see what he wants to see and is blinded by the rest...I wonder what rule(s) he'll bend this weekend and interpret to his liking???? :roll: :lol:

...AND yes it looked like to me the Cats got stiffed last game on the pi call...which has me wondering WHY///???do a lot of these calls during the game, which are dubious at best, get imposed so readily without much ado and these game changers are botched :roll:

Count me as a fan of Tom Higgins, at least from the original Higgins call on the Bombers when he said poetic justice or something along those lines, about the original outrageous call that put the Bombers at the 1 yard line, prior to the 2 failed rushing attempts.

Not a Bomber hater, just that I agreed with that original call and the firing of the official. Now on the 2 rushes from the 1 yard line that failed, remember that the call on the field was that the ball did not cross the line. Had they ruled on the field that the ball had crossed the line, Higgins would not/could not have overturned it with any credibility.

Now this weekends game, was a terrible call against Ticats, they scored a TD. You can`t blame the refs because you needed a replay to clearly see it...IT WAS VERY CLEAR.

Now I think that we should do away with any limit on replay calls, or at least double what we now have,if they could tighten the rule about how much time can be used for a review, it would not take much time. The idea of the review is to not allow mistakes to rule the day. Hamilton should have been able to challenge that call!

Also Hamilton coach should have stalled, they were to quick to go to the next play, yes I know they had no timeouts left (I think) but they could have had a guy go on a knee, or had the coach at least try to talk to the ref.

I am for even just Higgins being able to click the refs on any play that he clearly can see was wrong, whether or not anybody asks for a review. I know that is not the best scenario for folks that think Higgins would use this to help the team he likes.

I am even for bad penalties to be challenged! All the games are only on TSN so seems to me they would be the only one standing in the way of this? I bet if the league asked TSN if they would be open to lengthening a game by a few minutes on occasion, to allow more challenges, I bet they would agree.

Hey Half time could be shortened on occasions when the first half had extra challenges, so it would only be the 2nd half that would possibly run over air time. You could still have a penalty of sorts if a totally frivolous challenge was made.

I think bad penalties should be challenged. Why allow a bad call to affect the outcome. You would have the head ref with Higgins that would be able to overrule the refs ruling on a interference call etc. Or howabout a 3 judge panel from the CFL fan forum to watch the replays?

Get a guy/gal from the Bombers, Lions forum and maybe a Ticat fan and have the 3 of them take a close look?

Anyway you get my point

....Tom Higgins has made some ridiculous comments lately ...One he had to retract publicly...It was not the term 'poetic justice' he used rather 'the football gods prevailed' as if to intimate that the Als. had somehow been vindicated because of the blown call....Firstly ...if you're going to come to the defence of ONE team in that poorly reffed game and sound biased, why are you the head of officiating...Go to work for the Aloutte organization... Bombers had some definite and glaring calls which went 'unoticed' go against them...One on Suber that wasn't even mentioned and almost as bad as the one Carr was involved in... Secondly... Higgins has since made another gaff (in my opinion) with regard to how ,all of a sudden, the pass interference parimeters have changed :lol: ... Secondly..I don't know about you but i'm wondering what Tom has been drinking these days...Neutrality is a must for his job...Impartiality should be paramount....Anyway ...I'm done with this and i hope the reffing does not become a factor in deciding anymore games in 2011....The teams who've worked hard to get to this point deserve it :thup:

Not just a replay but a slow motion replay. The officials don’t have the benefit of slow motion when they are making calls on the field. In slow motion it does look like a TD but at regular speed I don’t think he had possession of the ball for long enough for it to be ruled a catch. Just having it in his hands doesn’t make it a catch - he didn’t survive contact.