Should the Bombers release Buck Pierce?

He takes almost all the reps in practice, yet has been pulled from more games than I can count. That leaves a rusty QB to come in and finish the job.

YES! Joey Elliott is your qb.

I like him better than Brink. Elliot's style is better suited to the CFL. He sees the field well, makes the most of his receivers and is mobile.

Pierce, Brink & Elliott = The Three Stooges. Cant release BrokeBack Buck unless theyre willing to sign Chip Lemon to take his place.

Is Lemon available?

Shocking as it might seem, Chip Lemon remains out of football.

Oh, come on man. Give the kid a chance to prove something. I saw this kid beat a top ten Ohio State team (littered with NFL talent), beat a Michigan team.....and if not for a horrible Purdue defense, they would have beaten a Rose Bowl bound Oregon team (lost by 2) and Notre Dame squad (lost by 3 on a last second TD).

I really believe it is too early in his CFL career to call Elliott a stooge. That is a bit harsh.

Speaking of Three Stooges...

Ha! Good one.

On the BB forum I said to keep Pierce as the third stringer, and let Ottawa have him in the 2014 draft. That way you protect the QBs you really want to keep. 2014 will be very interesting.

Four things:
(1) I think the league changed the rules for the dispersal draft and teams are only allowed to protect one QB.

(2) At the rate he's going now, Pierce won't still be playing in 2014.

(3) And even if he is, I can't imagine Ottawa taking him when one or more of the following QBs might be available: Kevin Glenn, Adrian McPherson (if Calvillo is still around), Mike Reilly and Alex Brink/Joey Elliott. That list doesn't include anyone who might step up (Zach Collaros, Trevor Harris, Dan LeFevour, Mike Nichols, Jeremiah Massoli or someone who will be in camp next year) and become the next "backup that should be a starter."

(4) A lot will depend on who the Ottawa franchise picks to run the team. Two names brought up are Marcel Bellefeuille and Greg Marshall (the former Saskatchewan HC, not the head coach at Western). They are going to come with their own philosophies and Pierce might not fit in them.

Just my opinion, but I think it is highly unlikely that Pierce is a QB in Ottawa when the team comes back.

When my fiance and I were watching the game last night all we could say it, it reminds us of 2010 for the Bombers. This is the 2nd time in 3 weeks that Pierce has been knocked out of the game. Its time to give Brink the keys to the offense and let Pierce take the back up spot. Isn’t this why the Lions released Pierce? Good QB, too injury prone.

It's hard to say, but yes. Pierce just isn't the guy, he can't stay healthy and you absolutely need that in a QB. Given a couple more ugly losses like this the season will be a wash anyway. At that point you let him go and see what you have in Brink & Elliot.

Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!
( wrestling fans will get that one )

They do NOT have any other QB currently on roster that can seriously be a starter, so really case closed unless they bring a QB in. Buck is the only serious option they have considering who else is on the roster.

I say no...if you want to test the water with someone else, great, but don't release until they have a few games experience minimum. The league minimum salary per team is 56% of revenue, which is presently putting them around the 3.9-4mil mark. Cutting him now would require a big name to come in unless you are prepared to offer a backup QB a big raise mid-season. I would start somebody else, keep buck around, and hope for a solid NFL cut. At that time (about a month from now) you would know where your backup / new starter was at, and could sign said player and release Buck...or, give buck the starting role back in event of injury or total lack of production.

'ceptin' that each team can only protect one QB ... :frowning:

Not quite, not that it matters to the topic at had. It is actually a fixed $4,000,000. See

When was the last time a "solid nfl cut" was any help whatsoever to any cfl team at the QB position?? I say probably never

I would wait until next season... I think Brink sucks.

I don’t know if I’d cut him, but I definitely wouldn’t have him starting.