Should the Bombers even bother fielding a team this year ???

Lets face facts.

Lots of troublemakers in the dressing room
No O-line
Poor secondary
No kicker

You have one chance and one chance only to make a preemptive surrender to the mighty Roughriders and spare yourself the embarrassment of being owned all season by us.

This decision is crucial for once the season begins , we will not be in a position to allow you any mercy.

God Speed…You will make the right choice.

buddy are u high or sumthin???! you obviously dont no whats been goin on this past offseason...we do have a qb and his name is kevin glenn! he is going to shine this year..especially against the saskratchmebum roughriders...what do u mean we dont have an oline?? did we not have the leading rusher last year?? did we not finish 3rd least on the amount of sacks given up?? maybe u should look over the facts before u open ur mouth..i will agree our secondary was weak last year but thats what happens when ur d-coordinator leaves half way through, but we have an even better one this year and more vets that will come through..and the only trouble maker in the dressing room is kyries hebert and he hasent even been in there..hes even said he has no problem with being here, he just thinks he didnt get a fair chance at the far as the kicker goes...troy is troy, and who knows what were gunna see...just wait for labour day for our bombers to kick the riders a$$es

BG......your riders will be lucky to win maybe 6 games this year....barret and the shiv are done, and you get a new 6 year plan....pathetic....


troll, get a life, learn some stats. but, what can you expect, he IS a rider fan. inbreeding causes birth defects

BG, you an idiot and it shows

  1. Glenn and good solid backups
  2. those troublemakers will only be trouble for your Riders and other teams
  3. we have a very strong O line now, that was our major problem last season, and now it's fixed.
  4. our secondary is fine
  5. Westwood/ Rookie Punter

prepare to be BOMBED!!!!


the only way we will get bombed is if the BBers take us to the nearest bar from Taylor Field and buy everyone rounds.

hm, good idea, hey Sambo, want to have a drink over the Alaska Aces Kelly Cup win?

you have underestimated the Bombers and we will beat you and shut you down and out like we did in 2004.

you jealous Saskatchewan brat!

Are you bombers fan seriously thinking you’ll actually win games this year? realistically you guys can’t win in the west division as per 5-13 record last year, how do you think your going to win in the east division when every other team but yours is actually signing big name stars, and i don’t mean ONE canadian offensive lineman (whom barely played for the shittiest team in the league) and a loud mouth linebacker whose bark is worse than his bite. You even have guys that are lying and saying “Oh, i’ve been Talking to NFL teams and i think i’m gonna go play there.” your team is like the little runt in elementary school whom the bigger kids only played with when there was nobody else around, and they were forced! as per CFL regulations, every team must play each other. Seriously your QB couldnt even start in SASK! and we had THE worst quarterbacks in recent history. Your running backs are feuding and your best receiver either needs oygen or a cane after he gets off the field he’s so old. So i know there are alot of die hard winnipeg fans out there who only look at the positive, but let’s be real here guys, you f’ed up when u got rid of Khari Jones, and you’ll never be the same.And by the way didn’t the riders sweep you guys in the season series? with two back up quarterbacks? I don’t see how your going to get out of the CFL basement when ricky williams is running through your middle linebacker. God winnipeg fans make me sick, you guys are almost as loyal to your team as us rider fans.

As I recall, Sask beat WPG 3 times in the regular season last year. You can count on making it 5 straight losses at the end of this year too!

last year was 2005

lol@saskatchewan being the worst team in the league this year

didnt the bombers give up the 3rd fewest sas in the league and have a the cfl's leading rusher last year. i guess that means we have a bad oline


this is the most retarded topic ever

I doubt that, very much. exspecally when we came close to beating the Als tonight.

Kanga its preseason! It means nothing! and Anthony Calvillo didn’t dress for the als tonight for that matter.

People, cut these guys from Sask some slack. If you are going to have a war of wits with them forget it. It's not fair to attack un unarmed person.

i believe the Bombers had a few of their regulars missing off their roster as well…

…and you’re right it means nothing…except to a few hopefuls…who will not get the axe …from Montreal and Winnipegs’ roster… :o

ok no more attacks on you unarmed bomber fans...