Should the Bombers declare open season on opposing QBs?

As the CFL brass sat back and did nothing while the Stamcheaters purposely injured Buck Pierce with late hits and cheap shots, should the Bombers begin taking out opposing QBs to even the score?

I would have liked to have seen Henry Burris carted off the field with a severe concussion or a busted knee cap after last game.
If the the CFL won't do anything about it, the Bombers should. Let's have a retirement party for Anthony Calvillo, Kevin Glenn, Ricky Ray and the other CFL QBs.

You'd like to see players injured? There's good competitive fair play for you... :roll:

Fair like the Stampcheaters :cowboy:

Sorry, I disagree. I’m no Stamps fan at all, and although there were a couple hits that could be considered late, I don’t believe they were “out to get” Pierce. What you’re suggesting, though, is disgusting, imo.

Not even sure why I’m wasting my time with this conversation. See ya.

...what about me?...can I join in?..

...whoa, that's gotta be a record of some kind...joined up and in an hour banned...good job Bed and Breakfast, it takes a lot to get jm02 all riled up there to hand out a pass to the time-out and learn brotha, live and learn

Of course not. Neither hit was even that bad. Definitely neither hit deserved anything more than the 15 yard penalty that was dished out.

Must be the same dumbass that called Doug Brown and told him that the defense should help out the offense by taking out opposing quarterbacks. The best call in shows in the CFL and the most moronic callers I've ever heard.

That must have been some call in show. Im not here to throw monkey poo... Willis last year (former stamp) got a few penalties for late hits on qb's... but i am not going to say he was intending to injur.

that may be the worst post i have ever seen on the forums.

And you know what's scary - it actually seems like they are screening callers now.

They are getting through by lying. One guy complimented Doug Brown and then told Januarys sucked and was an awful linesman and then hung up like a coward.

It can be a good clean hit but the ref could see it differently and still throw a flag.

No point in taking your foot off the gas imo, play to the whistle and if the ref makes a bad call, not your fault.

Good plan! By mid season all teams are playing the fourth stringers because of what you are suggesting. So one player possibly gets his year or even his career ended because another one on his team took a bad penalty?

It appears the league has sent a message in the last game so we can only hope it got through even the thickest of skulls.

It's a sport and let's not take the manship out of it.

...One of the dumbest suggestions i've heard....This is exactly what we don't want...Deliberate attempt to injure IS NOT part of the game...I think the refs. have been given a directive from league office to start dealing harshly with this crap...Let them do their job...I just hope it doesn't go to another level where an offending team deliberately takes an ejection...That's when the wheels have really come off the wagon and this game ceases to be one.. :frowning:

Intentionally trying to injure a player has no place in the game.

Agreed, but we have seen questionable hits on Buck every game so far. Without a doubt coaches are targeting our QB, and to them the odd penalty is no deterant. But when we turn around and smack their QB in the mouth right after it happens to ours I think coaches will lay off Buck.
Not sure why any coach would want to play with fire considering our Dline.

ALL coaches are targeting QBs for pressure and want legal hits. And retaliation hurts your own team more than the opposition most times. We see it in football and hockey (and likely basketball and baseball too but I don't watch those enough to say with certainty) that the retaliator gets it worse than the institigator from the officials 9 out of 10 times. The way to deter other teams from taking liberties is to hurt them where it counts - on the scoreboard.

Ofcourse they want pressure on QB's and LEGAL hits. That is not what I have an issue with. Like I said in every game so far this year there have been QUESTIONABLE hits to Buck. All I am saying is if a player hits Buck late, a 15 yard penalty is not that big of a deal. If we then hit their QB late, I'll take that penalty every day. Any team would then think twice about making sure they hit Buck late. This is not hockey and an extra retaliation penalty should have nothing to do with it. They would hopefully both be penalized the same.
How can you make the opposition pay when your top QB is down?

League tossed Kuale out of the game and hit him with a 25 yard penalty. That's not enough ? Let the refs take care of things. Players should play within the rules. Otherwise no point in playing the game, to suggest taking 15 yard penalty to take a lick on a QB is ridiculous.

Agreed. And it wouldn’t be a 15 yard penalty if the officials for even a second believed the hit was in retaliation. It would be a DQ for certain.