should the bombers aquire jarious jackson??

the bombers have QB problems....not so much that KG is bad ( altho some haters will disagree ), but thier back-ups are terrible..

thier 'BEST' backup is brad banks, who is aweful.

so if kevin glenn goes down this season, who do they rely on?...that 3rd stringer who played against the ti-cats 3rd stringers last nite and had a decent game???..what happens to him against a teams starting line-up?

taman should really talk to buono about what it would take to get jackson in a bomber uniform.

the lions are spending over $700,000 on ONE position....i dunno how they can afford to spend such a big chunk of thier cap space on one position, but taman should try to take jackson off thier hands..and payroll.

Meh, Banks has been the “WORST” Bomber qb in camp this year DG, not the “BEST”. He will probably be cut this weekend. And as for a trade for a back up, you never know with Taman, but it is more likely he will either pick up somebody else’s castoff or wait for more NFL cuts to appear.

hes the 'best' in terms of most CFL experience....i know he's bad

Maybe Buono wants to trade Jackson because he has a replacement in mind and Jackson might not be future superstar material?

Buono does like to hoard qbs so other teams can't utilize them. I wouldn't be surprised if J.Jackson stayed in BC.

Maybe Taman should find another former Rider to be the backup--Nealon Greene :lol:

it wasnt long ago, buono was talkin about letting jackson go for cheap, cuz he wasnt in the lions long-term plans, and he figures jackson deserves a chance to play somewhere instead of bench warming forever.

so i think buono would still let him go for the right offer.

but what is the right offer?

The bombers need someone any to throw a football! :lol: :lol: :lol:

damn straight. you cant have him. so there :slight_smile:

So the third best QB for Hamilton is Ritchie Williams and he was their WORST QB on thursday.
(going by the experience logic)

The Bombers will be fine, Justin Holland looks like a good QB who I'd rather see play this year, atleast he's young and will get better.
Trading for BC QB's in not a smart idea, they are good because they are in Wally's system atleast that is what seems to happen.

a good QB could be cut from Hamilton(if King makes the top 3 then Maas, Chang or butler is cut)

Taman has a good QB still on his Neg list(NO NOT CULPEPPER) who if he signed up here I wouldn't be suprised if Dinwiddie and Banks were both cut in favor of him and Holland.

Calgary is in trouble, all back-ups are CFL rookies
Montreal is trouble their second Best QB is Brady
TO could be in trouble, no one knows who their starter is.

So it looks like alot of teams are in a similar situation, if you look at QB spot by CFL experience, if you say Calgary if fine because they have Smith, the Bombers are fine Because they have Holland, same dif. Both are un-proven CFL Rookies.

I don't know who the Bombers will keep, but Holland was definitely better than Dinwiddie and Banks (sounds like a law firm!) on Thursday.

From Hamilton, well, the Bombers could wait for Ritchie Williams, though I don't know why they would. Personally I think Butler will be the other Cat to get sent home. He's as good as he'll get, and that's not very. They might hang on to King hoping a little more CFL experience will allow him to be successful. The only reason they'd drop Maas is if it were a salary issue, and I doubt that'll be the case in only the first year of the SMS.

And Chang is here as long as he wants to be!

so the blue pick up Butler as their "experienced" QB that works.

lol, If Hamilton keeps Williams that will be a headscratcher for sure.

,,,don't get too carried away with Chang...he only showed he can play in this league against 3rd. stringers far...Holland looked as good for the Bombers i don't know where everyone thinks the Bombers have a huge quarterbacking problem...I will say Chang and Holland probably will stick around with their respective teams....lots of ball to go yet..... :wink:

Barnesy you wake up on a cloud or something. What did Holland do against the Tiger Cats. What did Smith, Cubit and Nealy do against the Eskimos?
Smith played well getting Calgary to a 17 to nothing lead in the quarter he played. Tell me ole wise one what did Holland do? Cubit and Nealy move our offense with no problems. So why would Calgary be in trouble? That QB that is not in Winnipeg could he be coming from another CFL roster soon. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

....coming from another CFL roster, my son....maybe something like Burris was via the Riders....heh heh.....Bombers are as set as anyone in this league at the quarterbacking you will soon find out.... :wink:

Burris was recruited by Calgary so Dad take another swig of that dream juice.

...oh yeah recruited after playing for the Riders ...i forgot....dream along with me ...we're on our way to the Cup....heh heh.... :lol:

Again pappa your brain cells seem to lose step with life. The Calgary Stampeders brought him into the CFl. In fact he is with the QB coach that got him started. The problem you seem have is that our rookie Qb's would be stars on the Bomber team. Who knows one of them will most likely be grabbed by you know who Taman the contract chaser.

...yes but he did come from another CFL roster (THE RIDERS) on his last little move didn't he.....and i wonder did the Stamps chase him or not...HMMMM...yes i believe they did.... :lol: :lol: