Should the Bombers allow the future soccer team to also be called FC?

Personally, with football's history in the City and the ownership group owning both teams, I feel the Bombers should have the mantle of "Football Club" over the soccer team.

I dont think any soccer fan buys more tickets simply because of the use of FC vs SC, so I hope the Bombers choose SC.

I would prefer more unique names for any team in any league.

Some people say soccer is boring, I say only most of the team names are.

However, only the owner of the soccer team has any say over the name, the bombers team has no say.

The Bombers are going to be owning the soccer team. It is their say for this team in particular.

Just give them a real name. All this FC talk seems derivative to me. I mean, why settle for an imitation when you can get the real thing?

What about an idea like using a name from Arena football? Maybe something like the Washington Valor.

Only give it some smoke and mirrors to spin it as an original thought and appear creative. Of course a denial is in the works to state that there was no previous knowledge of anyone using the name in the event they get called on it which they won’t.

Spout off the first thing that comes into their heads and roll with it. Clink, clink, clink.

And still do not believe the Bombers have any business getting into soccer but not to say MLS is not a good thing for Winnipeg.