Should the Atlantic Schooners also represent Maine as well?

No this is not about US expansion, this is about including Maine to represent the Schooners with the Atlantic provinces.
Games will still be played in Halifax, only with Maine part of the representation.
The idea would increase the fan base and creat more economic opportunites for the Atlantic Schooners.

Right now to my understanding P.E.I, Newfoundland, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia will be represented.
Should Maine as well?


Why not? It's only a 7 hour drive from Bangor to Halifax according to mapquest.

But Bangor is only a 5 hour drive to Quebec City, so when Quebec gets their team, Halifax should pay them for territorial rights.

Also, Quebec City should represent Hew Hampshire and we'll give Vermont to Montreal.

Here we go again...... :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:

Must be Monday!

LOL come on Sportsmen, this is not a expansion issue, it is about creating a territory to market in.
The team will play in Halifax and still be a Canadian team.

So RO1313, tell me this then.
By saying "NO!" are you telling Detroit Lions fans in Windsor "NO!" too?
Or how about Bills fans in Toronto?
NFL does market to Ontario big time.
I will also add that even the Vikings take advantage of Manitoba fans by offering weekend get away packages.
So now that you see where I am coming from, I think Maine should be part of the CFL Atlantic territory

I have no problem with marketing to the fans. I do have a problem saying that the Montreal Als represent Plattsburgh NY or Burlington VT because both are about an hour away.

Also why dont we wait for the owners of the Halifax team to deside if they even want to call themselves Atlantic

You’re asking if Maine should be represented by the Canadian Atlantic team, if/when it comes…Buffalo doesn’t “represent” Toronto, nor does Minnesota “represent” Manitoba - they market to them to increase their profit. There’s a big difference.

Yes but here is the main difference, Halifax needs all the help they can get if they are ever to get a team.
Not only is Halifax a small market, but its also a struggling market.
I will tell you straight up that the Blue Jays represent all of Canada in MLB.
Maybe not officially, but they do.

How can Halifax be a struggling market when they're not even a market yet?

If you were to concider that the Jays represent all of Canada it would not be the same!

I dont BTW

Wow! Another great idea BB! :roll:

Ok how about this, lets not say anything intelegent to back up the pros and cons, and lets just use rolling eyes gestures and be sarcastic in all of the threads from now on.
In fact, lets not even concider any of the Atlantic region to represent the Schooners.
Lets even exclude Halifax.
Since there is a chance that the stadium is going to be build in Dartmouth, lets just let Dartmouth fend for themselves in their upward struggle to get a team.
Point is, if I was a team owner I would not put all my eggs in one basket and rely solely on the Halifax region to keep my team out of the red.
Yes I do not think Halifax can support a CFL team without outside help.

WOW!!! you're kidding right??? why should they represent any land mass that is NOT CANADIAN?

Guess you never read my post about going to Fredericton instead??? Only an hour or so drive from Maine and more centrally located then Halifax. People from maine would probably drive that distance to a game then 7+ hours.

Yes I did Geo and I responded to it.
If fact Geo, you inspired me to ask this question.
Thanks Geo

I'll give you a research project/challenge. Go to Bangor, Maine and rent a car. Drive to Halifax, better yet simply go to the Canadian border. Then come back online and try and tell everyone that you feel there are enough CFL fans in Maine that would do that drive every second week.

What MapQuest does not tell you is that Highway 9 "The Airline Route" is perhaps the most poorly maintained death trap of road you will ever encounter in a modern country.

Wouldn't anyone in Maine that is into the CFL ( not likely) just go to Montreal instead?

Okay, because no one else I going to point this out I will. Dude, you spelt intelligent wrong. Extremely ironic and mildly entertaining.

Anyway, back to the thread. I don't think Maine should be represented. This is just how it begins. First American cities/states are being represented, then they get their own teams, and finally they outnumber the Canadian teams because, lets face it, football is an American sport and they have the population to support it. I want to keep this a Canadian game with the regulations on imports and Canadian born players intact. If people from Maine want to support a Halifax team, great; the better for the CFL. If they choose not to support a team then it is their loss.

lol thanks Blue and others
Yea I type fast and make mistakes just like others, but this forum is for fun and so are my points.
Thing is, I thought it would be a good idea to have maine represented too for a large television market.
I do not expect bus loads of people to travel accross the border.
At least a couple people disagreed with me intellllegenttly,lol
I have no problem with people telling me "NO" that wont work.
thanks for your input.

Ok BeerBarons. I think everybody agrees that marketing to Maine would be fine. They are not disagreeing with you here.

What they are saying is that it would be ludicrous to expect any significant amount of people to consider themselves “represented” by an Atlantic team and even more ludicrous to expect any significant amount to travel the several hours every two weeks.

Also… :roll: