Should the Argos re-sign McLeod Bethel-Thompson

McLeod Bethel-Thompson is a pending free agent. Should the Argos re-sign him or let him walk?

Geez…good question. He’s a perfect example of stats not necessarily telling the whole picture. Second in yards and most TD passes. Based on that why wouldn’t they resign him hey?

Earlier in year he was an open book with his telegraphing his throws. Then when they brought in a QB coach ( Jonathon Crompton the guy Montreal posters hate) he improved.

I expect to see Collaros wanting to come back. I would go after Arbuckle if he was available in FA.

But MBT is a solid B/U at worst and seems like a decent team guy.

So I would re-sign him at B/U rates.

My biggest thing about TO is how to get rid of Chamblin without crippling the cap. Then go after a real coach and I think there will be several to interview at least. And quit trying to fill the seats based on a “big name” signing.

Yes. He’s actually been playing well since early in the season and right now he’s easily the best QB the Argos have.


Amen. That strategy may or may not have helped the Argos sell tickets, but it certainly hasn’t helped them build a winning team.

I still recall the Argos signing St. Louis Cardinal superstar RB Terry Metcalf to a mega $ contract and he was a flop in the CFL.


Best QB the Argos have doesn’t say much :wink:

sign him to a back up role. He’s not the long term solution.

I’ve been advised by some super duper smart ticats fans that Toronto will be signing Masoli.

And these super duper smart fans seem to know an awful lot…

so I’d bank on it :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Yes. MBT has come a long way this season. You can’t blame the dumpster fire in Toronto on him. Get him re-signed and stick with him. For God’s sake, Toronto, do the work for once and DEVELOP A PLAYER instead of poaching somebody established from another team. ;D

They did bring both Trevor Harris and Zach Collaros into the League who both started last week.

And Cody Fajardo. Recruiting has not been a problem; keeping has (altho as an Argo fan I fully understand and support the decision to keep Ricky Ray over Harris and Collaros).

He’ll get starter’s money from some team, IMO. Three teams in need of starters next season, and IMO MBT is better than most of the pending free agents, two of whom (Masoli and Nichols) have injuries to heal from.

I’d sign him but not pencil him in as starter. He’s shown enough flashes of promise to warrant that.

I just hope the team will be much better at the QB spot next season. Whether that means an improved MBT, a starting role for Prukop or O’Connor, or a FA signing, I don’t know.

I would be OK getting him resigned. Though I think they’re going to want to look at what’s out there and leave enough cap space to sign him and whoever they want to bring in.

Not sold on him as a starter long term but he is very durable and hasn’t complained (that I’m aware of) of how things went down this year. A very dependable back up IMO.

Pending FA QBs are


I would think they go after Masoli/Arbuckle first.


I posted this on Saturday after the game on the Argo board on this site.
It was relevant then as it is now.
“There is absolutely no way the team can sell MBT coming in next year to compete for a starter position.
Just like last year, the team has to go the FA route and unlike last year to appease what is left of the fan base and us season ticket holders we have to sign Masoli to be our “saviour”.
Bring Prokup and O’Connor only back to battle for either one or both spots.
MBT is done.”

Maybe, but they went after BLM last Feb and struck out. In that case they had Franklin as (they thought) a decent fallback position. I can’t see the Argos taking the chance of having no one except O’Connor under contract heading into free agency. Two other teams are going to be looking for QBs as well, so getting the guy they want is not in their control. They could end up with lousy leftovers. Hence I think they will push to sign MBT before free agency arrives, and then try to sign Collaros as well if he gets to free agency. MBT is capable of starting IMO, is more proven at this point than Arbuckle and is healthier than Masoli, Collaros and Nichols. I don’t see Streveler as a viable starter.

I like O’Conner tbh, canadian born, and I think with a good off season to learn more about the team and what not, he could be a good quarterback, spend this off season getting a decent O-line and secondary, and I bet argos will be competitive, masoli, I bet will he resigned with Hamilton

I knew someone was going to bring them up. But the point is, they lost both those guys to other teams because they couldn’t part with Ricky Ray.

Not only those two, but more recently the team let Cody Fajardo go after the 2017, again by sticking with the over the hill Ray.
Instead of playing Fajardo more in 2017, obviously would have seen the kid was a diamond in the rough.
Sure those will say but Ray lead the Argos to the GC in 17?
The team had a poor .500 regular season record and gut lucky in the playoffs.
I would have gladly exchanged that for a first string QB instead of the train wreck the last two years.