Should the Argos fire there Ceo Chris rudge??

Just wondering what people think of chris rudge ceo of the argos?I think it is about time that they let chris rudge go from running the Argos he has done enough damage to this team that they should just release him ASAP! All this guy seems to do is just make up excuses to why he can't make the Argos work in this city, he is to much of the attitude of cant do this cant do that! We would be much better off with a guy who will work hard and show his passion to the team someone like Keith pelley who used to work with the Argos! Instead of just making excuses and blaming everything on Rogers and the skydome why not try to make the skydome an enjoyable place to be I remember when pelley was running this team when they had 30,000 a game and he made the football game into an event something that Chris rudge has no clue or work ethic to try to make it work in this city!

Rocket, what took ya so long?

Yeah they didn't like me on the other site! So I on here now! Are you for this lazy guy to stick around or what?

I don't know what Mr. Rudge is doing behind the scenes. Something is in the works apparently. Pelley did give it a good try and had some success putting bums in the seats, although the rumours are there was a lot of freebies.

If I was owning the team I would want Pinball as CEO, but maybe he wouldn't want the job now. He is still with the Team in some capacity but has been kind of shunted aside since Braley took over. He needs to be the Face of the Team, even if they have to give him an assistant to do a lot of the work behind the scenes.

But I don't know what good it does to constantly be a critic of Rudge. I don't think he is suppose to be the Face of the Team. That seems to be Jim Barker's job at present.

The thing is I don't think mr.rudge is doing anything behind the scenes! Look at how the Argos are marketed in the Gta! There has been nothing done with regards to that besides a couple of radio ads they do. I was at the last home game where they said they had 18,000 in attendance they gave away something like 6,000 or 8,000 tickets to the schools for there frosh week or whatever they call it the students were all just dressed in yellow and red shirts with them chanting there school slogans with nothing to do with the football game they were even making noise when the Argos had the ball on offence. On top of that I would say about 90 per cent of them left at half time. How embarrassing is that for a grey cup winning team that has probealy been playing the most entertaining sport then all the other toronto teams in the city. And then rudge has to come out and start complaining about how Rogers screwed them over with the crappy home dates they gave them!I got news for mr.rudge and all the lazy guys who work for the Argos staff right now the blue jays just announced there 2014 home schedule why not try to secure some home dates right now with the cfl and Rogers and bring out an earlier schedule. That would probealy be to much work for rudge he probealy will just wait tell apri/may to try to look for some dates then throw his hands up in the air like an idiot and put the blame on Rogers and whoever for why he can't get things done!

Good interview done on the fan590 today with David cynamon ex owner of the Argos! How the current owner and mangement of this team is doing a bad job promoting the Argos. He talked a lot about how when they owned the Argos they had Keith pelley working for them and how hard he went around in the city of toronto promoting argonaut football in the city. Cynamon says he is very disappointed in how little coverage the Argos are getting in the city after winning the 100th grey cup. I tend to agree with him on a lot of points he made I do think it is time that we let mr.rudge CEO go. I am worried now how low the profile of the Argos are in the city that we might not be able to get this stadium deal completed!

Does anyone here know when Chris rudge contract is up?

Keith Pelley , is now working for the enemy [Rogers]. CHRIS did a great job for the 100th Grey Cup. :thup:

The 100th grey cup would have been a success with anyone working that event! The great fans of the cfl from across Canada deserve all the credit for that one week! Rudge has done an awful job since he has taken over the Argos I have been a fan of the Argos for over 25 years and have not seen the Argos brand suffer so much under his watch!

Maybe I am missing some thing.? Please explain.? Thank you.
I think that 1 of the other problems is the ARGOS awful schedule [I blame Rogers for that].
Tuesday and Monday games are not good. The ARGOS didn’t have a home game for 1 month during the season.
ALL of the press in Toronto since last January was shrilling for the BLUE JAYS. Remember? They are going to win the World Series :lol:

Does anyone here know if Chris rudge is still working for the Argos? Looking at the schedule today they released and it doesn't look like Chris rudge had anything to do with the schedule. They do have one home game on a Tuesday night but the other dates are pretty good. Has ml$e already started to run the team by now?

He is still there for now. The Argos tried real hard this year to make sure there were Saturday games. The Tuesday night had to happen as the Rogers Centre was tough to get dates in August and the two games that week had to be spread out.

I think Chris Rudge should take the credit for the Argos improved schedule dates. You must have lit a fire under him. :slight_smile:

I still can’t give any credit to Chris rudge this idiot just can’t do anything right it’s hard to actually think and believe that he was the one to make up this home schedule. It should have never been a issue to begin with the skydome is almost now a 30 year old building with the place remaining empty on most nights when e jays aren’t playing. Although it looks like David Braley was around making the home schedule as the Argos are playing in a 5,000 seat venue for a pre season game just so the old cheapskate can save a couple of hundred dollars. Braley will never learn in order to make money you have to spend money especially here in toronto as soon as people see them playing at varsity people in toronto are going to look down on that. I am sure Chris rudge will be happy with that move as he won’t have to bother trying to sell any tickets to the game.

All I know 6 plus weeks without a home game in the fall.
I am not blaming Rudge, but that is not acceptable.

How can’t you blame rudge? Aren’t the Argos supposed to let the cfl and commish know that it isn’t acceptable? Sure I can put blame to the cfl but rudge has to take some blame that is for sure. Don’t know how so many people can stand by rudge while he continues to do his crap work with the Argos.

Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!! :wink:

It’s Rogers not Rudge.
Instead, why don’t we start a boycott of all Rogers products, save and except the crap dome as we have to attend?

I say it is both of them idiots. Has rudge even tried to negotiate with the people from Rogers? Or does he just throw his hands up in he air like an idiot every time he has a task in front of him to do!

Negotiation implies a more-or-less balanced position between the two parties with give-and-take options and a motivation to actually compromise for mutual benefit. The relationship between the Argo’s and Rogers fails on all counts essentially making the very concept of negotiation moot.