Should the Argos be able to play by different salary rules?

With the hype of RW and his signing with the Argos and if this translates into more ticket sales, this begs the question if the league should allow the Argos to spend as they wish and go after someone like a RW once in a while? Toronto is a different CFL market compared to others with the NBA and MLB there and the Argos do have a lot of competition for sports fans attention there. I don't know, knowing the Argos are spending more money than the Cats, it would make me want to beat them even more.

I suppose this could be a bit of a joke thread in one way, it would make the whole salary cap thing look odd, but everyone on this site must admit that the CFL is a unique pro league in this continent with the likes of a city like Toronto on one hand and a city like Regina on the other.

There is the assumption here that the Argos are, in fact, violating the salary cap with the Williams signing. They claim not to be. I’m not sure I believe that , but I can give them the benefit of the doubt.

I dont’ agree that reckless spending should be allowed by anytime, regardless of the circumstances. The league is only as strong as its weakest link. or is that chains?

Weed Willaims does not count in the cap because he is playing this year. However, if he fails his testing with the NFL and wants to come back that could be a different matter.
ALso Wright says that he will be fixing the problem of suspended NFL players coming to the CFL. Two complaints have come into the CFL league offices by Board Members.

You could ask the same question about any pro league. In MLB there is New York and Kansas City, in the NHL there is Toronto, New York, and Edmonton, in the NFL there is New York and Green Bay, so in all leagues there is a big discrepancy between the highest and lowest population.

And both the NHL and the NFL have salary caps that create parity across the league. Parity that gives hope to all teams and success is then based off who runs there team the best instead of who can afford what talent.

In MLB the Yankees are always near the top and (not) coincidentally they are near the top in payroll. While teams like Kansas City & Pittsburgh are near the bottom of payroll and have to be perfectly run and get a great mix of cheap players to win their division.

I personally like the NFL and NHL way the best and think the CFL should follow suit. I know big name players do sell tickets but at what price? Teams like Saskatchewan and Winnipeg should always have hope every year and not have to worry about what other teams are spending and if they can compete.

Note: Saskatchewan is currently over the proposed salary cap too. But I still think a salary cap is the way to go.

Good question ... and it does recognize he 'diff' in various CFL markets

I think the CFL should

  1. have just 1 salary cap for all teams

  2. Spend more money (the league) to promote the CFL in TO

  3. Bring back 'revenue sharing' to help smaller markets like Sask

Did you just say the edmonton oilers are a big franchise overpaying and signing players??? :lol: We're the smallest market team, almost folded in the 90's, are 20 some million in debt, and spent only $35 million on players salaries this year. The oilers are known to be the exact oposite of a salary cap abusing franchise.

No, I was showing the extremes in the NHL, Toronto and New York on the high side and Edmonton on the low side.

oh, oh. okay sorry.

short aweser, NO!!!

you can't have a separate cap for Toronto, or they will sign most of the top players and dominate the league year after year like EE did 20 years ago when their was no cap.

I'm sure Ricky is getting a cut for any increased ticket sales on top of his registered CFL contract, and why not he the reason for any increase in sales at this point in the year.
As far as Tom Wright and some of the BOG saying they are going to ban suspended NFL players, I'm sure there is some lawyers somewhere saying "bring it on".

Do you mean bring it on as in the Lawyers would fight it!

I dont think there is a court in the land that would tell the CFL they HAD to sign someone!

DB, I am completely wondering why you think they can bring this to a court decision. There is no law that states the CFL can put in a drug policy or a policy pertaining to suspended NFL players.It is no of the courts business. Weedy Willaims has a one year contract once that is over that is it for him if the CFL adopts a policy. But like Ro says there is not a lawyer in the land that would take this one on.

Why would the league allow that??? You think
the league likes having to bail them out of

Edmontons the team who can afford the bigger contracts. You think theyre going to soften
a hard cap before its even been implemented??

Who knows, its possible. Hughies done stranger things. LOL

Until the CFL has a drug policy how can they discriminate as long as the players are allowed in the country and haven't broken the laws of the land. Otherwise that can't prevent a player from earning a living.

True but they are no more obliged to sign him than they are to sign me.
If that were to pass what would stop any player who was put on wavers from suing. Or any player that was cut from suing?

once the cap in made official, then i think all teams will follow...argos included.

funny, noone talked about hamilton over-spending when they signed cheron, hudson, ranek, holmes, cavil, vaughn, ralph and maas.

Perhaps the other seven CFl teams should subsidize the Argos, like they did with the $700k gift the Bombers got this year?

In fact, Toronto is a nation-city and one of the most important and dynamic urban centres in North Amercia. It is actually the centre of the universe…With no doubt the greatest football fans in the world!

Surely the other CFL teams would glady help Toronto sign other big NFL stars. This would benefit not only Toronto, but the entire league!!

your kidding, right?

I fully agree with the above statement. I would definitely love my season ticket money going to help the argonauts and allowing them to sign big name free agents. How could this not benefit the entire league, Toronto would be a buzz, the media would be swarming, it would be great.

Now that I think of it, Toronto should get half of all merchandise sales and half of the TV revenue to sign all big name free agents. It should be nothing less for the centre of the universe. The other teams, although may have worse records, can take pride in Toronto and how well the franchise is doing.

Note: The Ricky William signing doesn't bother me and I'm sure a few teams are over the propsed salary cap, including the Riders (like I posted before).

It Does Help The League Having The Biggest City Have A Few Big Name Players. But What Herts The League Is Having A Yankee Type Team That Always Wins, It’s Not Going To Be A Clean Sweep This Year But If It Was Sure, At First Attendance In Toronto Would Go Up But Then After A Few Years Of Winning Every Game People Would Stop Caring.

Ontario Law States That When Hiring An Employee You Can Not Discriminate Against The Most Diserving Applicant. And Ro, Although I’ve Never Seen You On The Football Field Even If You Are Better Then Ricky ‘Weedy’ Williams He Has The Experience Over You And Therefor Would Get The Job.