Should the American anthem be sung at the Grey Cup?

Since about half the players are American and it's now ok to have a half-time performance by an American group, I'm wondering if the American anthem should also be sung at the GC? My personal feeling is yes it should.

Can't agree EArl.
Do they play O Canada when Anaheim meets LA in the NHL? No.
Do they play the Brazillian or Italian or Romanian or German anthem when Liverpool plays Arsenal? No.
So why would we play another country's anthem for a game played in Canada?

Absolutely not.

It is a Canadian tradition and we need to treat it as such and, like berezin says - they don't play our anthem when two American hockey teams meet.




Hell NO There no US Teams anymore.

What you guys say does make sense on this for sure.

Not necessarily true.

When I attended a Florida Everblades (ECHL) game a few years ago, they played "O Canada" along with "The Star Spangled Banner" before starting the game...and the 'Blades weren't playing against a Canadian team, either!

Canadian National anthem. And as far as I'm concerned, the national anthem performed by the Bare Naked Ladies was way better than the songs at half time.

Would've preferred to see Nickelback at half-time but odds are the Grey Cup committee was aware they would get better buy in from the Toronto market with an American name. May not agree with it myself but the committee put on a great show all week and seemed to know what the market wanted.


In the Stanley Cup finals between two American teams, like in Detroit and Buffalo, they often have played O'Canada before the SPB, to show some respect to the founding nation of hockey and the nationality of more than half the players.

Out of curiosity, why is it mandatory that national anthems be played prior to the start of a sporting event? I'm not saying I'm against it, just wondering why it has to be done.

It is not mandatory to play the anthems.
The whole practice started during the Second World War. Prior to that, nothing. As a patriotic measure it served its purpose. It was played both before sports events, and after movie showings in theaters. Of course, then the National Anthem was 'God Save the King'.

Like most temporary moves, it became permanent, simply because nobody questioned its original purpose, or had the temerity to suggest doing away with it. Does it serve a purpose now? Personally, I doubt it. But you'll never get the U.S. to get rid of the practice. They revel in the chance to flaunt their loyalty to, and love of, their country. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Back to the original question. IMO we should not be playing the American anthem at any CFL game.
If they want to play 'O Canada' in Florida, I suspect that would be to pander to the Snowbirds who form the largest portion of their audiences at hockey games.

Oh come on, Nickelback is the same crap as you hear from dozens of other artists. Lenny has his own distinctive style which I enjoy. I hope you arent just poo pooing because Lenny isnt Canadian.

A friend of mine gave Chad Kroeger the gears one day at a party. Apparently he showed up with a girl and my friend asked him "What kind of a rock star shows up with only one girl?" I laughed when I heard that, apparently Chad thought it was kinda funny. Regardless, im tired of that bands rehashed crap.

No they should not.
I noticed a few players yesterday who would not stand still(Not sure how to phrase that) while our National anthem was being played. I saw a couple jogging while the Honour guard was giving their salute. They could not show respect to us and our troops

We dont need to play their anthem for them

Dont ask me which team because I wont will only lead to me being accused of hating that team and all their players and the city and the Province :wink:

so u say there division among the imports and non-import players?so how you know the players were american?

Everyone knows who is and who is not American!

And no I did not say there is division.....I said that there were some "SOME" who were disrespectfull to OUR flag and our troops

only if Roseanne Barr sings it

Nope. As listed by others, not done in other sports.

Nah. Just didn't care for his music and I prefer Nickelback but I get what you're saying. Must admit I prefer their original stuff the most.

Back to the national anthems, I like the way that most times the Canadian anthem isn't butchered like the American one. Not sure if it is the way the song is written or what, but more often than not the Canadian one is done well while the American one is done poorly and way over the top.