Should the Als go after Zeke Moreno?

What d'ya think?


Emry did great in the middle last season, better than I had anticipated. And if he falters or gets injured, we have a more than capable backup in Guzman.


What MJ said, for the reasons he gave. :thup:


Zeke Moreno is a hell of a ball player. He's just too big to play MLB for 60 minutes but if we could get him for 75k a year I'd say do it. He's a good ST tackler, he could play DE in the Als system (backup or rotate) and backup Emry. But as a starting MLB. NO.

DT and CB are positions we need to address before we start worrying about throwing 75k at a 30-something linebacker who's too slow to cover or play every down. Our LB corps is fine as it is.

We dont really need him, hes kind of overrated, has gone through 3 CFL teams already. He has no lateral speed, although he is a tough hitter. Kind of like Jojuan Armour who will probably be released by B.C.
If we required a MLB, and I don`t think we do, Barrin Simpson would be a better bet.

He's a great fit in a 3-4 scheme. Discipline Als don't need anyting. We had to sit Dix and Mcelveen last year. We've added Lorenzo Williams and I think JP Bekasiak can play DT in this league after a year in the Als system.

Simpson is also a great ball player but he used the Als offer five years ago and shopped it around. Those things aren't forgotten.... Your forgiven Barrin but its not forgotten :slight_smile:

"I think JP Bekasiak can play DT in this league after a year in the Als system."

I`m far from an expert (I just play one on this forum!) but I found Bekasiak to be a little slow. Maybe he was still transitioning from OL to DL body wise. But I was impressed by Shawn Mayne in his late season minimal appearances. Perhaps Coach Sinclair can groom him to be in the DE rotation and this could save an import spot we lose with replacing Sanchez.

We had have two young NI DE that were drafted last year that got injured in camp that should be back for training camp.

Dix was awful last year. I know he has value as a utility DB (can play multiple positions), but the problem is, he doesn't play any of those positions well.

I do agree that we seem to have a lot of options at DT. I'm confident someone will emerge to fill the void. However, I still wouldn't bite on Moreno. LB is not a position at which we need any help, and if someone gets injured, I'd rather use Guzman, who's younger and faster than Zeke.