Should the Alouettes fans blame this loss on Cavillo?

I know AC had a great game up until the last three minutes of the game. I like him as a qb, but he folded under the pressure. Thank go we have Cahoon, because AC ball wasn't accurate. Call it scapegoating, but he decided to make the calls out on the field. And i thought his play calling was terrible. That extra reponsibility in my opinion lead to the demise of the Alouettes. I thought he put the screws to Lapointe in the last three minutes and in ot, he got us there. I know the defence was terrible in ot, and for most of the game, but great qb's find a way to get it done in the end.

Yes, I' am frustrated because i think the Als played a better game, especially in the second half.

As I wrote before , the MONTREAL DEFENCE , not stopping EDMONTON on , third and 4 , near the end of the game , was my turning could hear the air coming out of MONTREAL, after that miricle catch by MOOKIE.Then the pen. came......NONE of this was A.C. fault.

He had an excellent game.........most of the others didn't.

EXCEPT , LA POINTE , who should have been the CANADIAN of the game.

If the defense stops the 2 point convert or the Esks on that 3rd and 4 touchdown pass the Als are the Grey Cup champs. My point is that there are lots of moments in a football game to say what if. One think is for sure...AC played well and without him the Als are not the same team. I cheered hard for them at the game and though the defense simply did not hold when the lead was their's near the end.

Hellothere you're right Lapointe deserved to be Canadien of the game. Think i would be a nice way to send him out. He never quit, and never complained about being a backup, and to get the Als there he deserve to be honoured.