Should the Alouettes fans blame this loss on Cavillo?

I think this grey cup loss should fall on Cavillo's shoulders. I think overall he is a good qb, but cannot play under pressure like the great ones do. I think the Als coaches give AC too much control of the offence. I thought his play selection was terrible with less than three minutes left in the game. I' am not second guessing I 'am first guessing, Lapointe got you there ride hime the last three minutes. That last overtime was a complete disaster, throwing a deflected pass, my 9 yr old nephew knew that it was an illegal pass, taking a sack on the next play, yeah there was pressure but he should have throw it to his outlet receiver. Surprise, surprise they brought the house on the final play and he looked stunned. THROW IT UP. I know qb's get too much credit for wins and most of the blame for losses but i think he deserves most of the blame for this one. I like Cavillo, but he didn't get the job done in the end.

On the topic of too much credit Ricky Ray who should have been benched, wins the most valuable player. JOKE!!!!! Most Valuable was AJ Gass. he had a fumble recovery and was creating havoc out there. Made an important play when he ran offsides when the Als were about to run a play.

I'am i being too hard on AC? I need some feedback from CFL nation. Should i just be happy to have the Als there?

Hey he put 35 points on the board. It should be enought to win but I think the d let u down.
Last night on sports night 360 someone said
The Als will put 30 points on the board guarenteed.
The question is will the s allow 20 or 40.
He hit the nail on the head

Are you kidding me? Ray was easily the most valuable player. Taken from a story on the front page of

"Edmonton quarterback Ricky Ray was named the game’s Most Valuable Player, who for the first time this post-season wasn’t benched in favour of backup Jason Maas. He set a Grey Cup completions record going 35 of 45 for 359 yards and a pair of touchdowns. "

And you think thats a joke peter6625?

Ray was hardly the player of the game. He was terrible for a good chunk of the time and only managed to put up a lot of his stats during the extra time created by the overtime finish. I stand by the opinion that if Maas had started at QB Edmonton would have won without the need for OT.

See i hate stats it says he threw for all these yards, but add the two overtime yards and thats what makes it impressive. He played terrible for most of the game, and i love it that Ricky said everyone was behind him, obviously not Maas, when it was reported he rolled his eyes. The stats looked great, but i don't think he deserved it based on his lack of pocket awareness. See its most valuable player, and Maas could have got the job done. No AJ Gass and the would be no grey cup. This is my opinion, i think qb's get too much credit for winning. It's dumb people that don't have a clue about whats going on on the field that usually vote a qb for mvp. He made way too many mistakes to be an mvp.

I think that Ricky Ray has been horrible the last few games and Edmonton's grey cup is because of Maas's preformance. Twice Maas cleaned up the mess that Ray created and he still didnt get to play in the grey cup. If it wasent for Maas Edmonton would of been out in the first round.

You make a good point when you say A.C. should have made a better attempt to throw the ball into the end zone at the end. Surely a future HOF'er knows how to chuck up a hail mary in the last play of the game??!?

Yes, AC should be blamed becase of that play that cost the Als ten yards in OT, however he fought hard during the game and untill the end, unlike some other Als players.

Don't throw stuff on his home, please!

A.C. , didn't make the smartest play in over time , but even if the pass had counted , it was still dropped by the MONTREAL , player. :wink:

It was NOT A.C.'s fault that he got sacked , either. :wink:

For yet another MONTREAL, loss. I would blame a great EDMONTON DEFENCE , R. RAY , and a bad MONTREAL , defence. For some really dumb pen. and not stopping RAY 2 , times in over time. And once at the end of the game.

At 25 to 20 , MONTREAL had the game won , but because of some stupid pens. and a bad defence , they blew , it again. :roll:

They had EDMONTON , 3rd and 4 and MONTREAL , just couldn't stop , MOOKIE............What a scary call.

A.C. , did all that he could do :smiley: You lose as a team.Win as a team. :wink: :smiley:

Losing our middle linebacker and safety early to injuries didn't help at all on Defense. They were replaced by Canadian backups Botterill and Proulx at 2 extremely important positions, and Proulx was beaten a couple of times. Not to mention Villimek and Lambert on offense (you could see the difference in protection for Cavillo at the end). The Als bench looked like a M.A.S.H. unit at the end.

Very smart move by Matthews cutting Kevin Johnson and Megna before the playoffs eh?

And No I don't blame AC at all! Without AC the offence is nothing, with AC the offence is number 1 in the CFL!

You shouldn’t blame any Als players for the loss. They all played their hearts out. What you should do is give credit to the Eskimos, who for one night at least, were the slightly better team. And in that kind of a game, that’s all you have to be to win. Although I am disapointed, I will not hang my head, and neither should any of the Als players. They put on a great show, and they did what they needed to do to win. Unfortunately, the Eskimos did just a little bit more. Congratulations to the Eskimos on a deserved win, and to the Als for showing that they still are among the best in the CFL.

blaming AC ?


the guys played a great game, he is the Als MVP. Win as a team, loose as a team.

Calvillo played decent (not his best game) but he did enough to win if Montreal's defence would have held up. THe only thing he has to do is go read the rule book, because Montreal could have had a 2 and 5 (or whatever) if Calvillo would have ran with that ball instead of throwing it and taking the penalty that doomed them.

No way - you cant blame Calvillo, when they were one play away (twice) from winning the game. Its just the way it goes! One play, the difference between being a winner, and cant win the big one? I disagree....He's a great QB.

Theres a little thing called defense... Is Calvillo on the defense? NO! Quit with this topic, When you score 35 points, 9/10 times it's enough to win. The defense let up 38 points. Reaso nfor the loss.

ok wut were u thinking when u posted this. Calvillo picked apart the edmonton coverage for most of the game. Hitting underneath forcing the DB's close and then going deep frcing penatlies. e threw a great game even with the loss. He just needed more o-line support in overtime. Congrats to a great game by calvillo.

…I know there is more than one turning point and it isn’t fair to single out one …BUT…what the hell was Anthony thinking when he double clutched the ball…and re-threw a pass that was obviously a dead ball…he knows better than that…costly penalty at that stage of the game… :roll:

Blaming Calvillo is something only amateurs or frustrated fans can do. Without Calvillo, there would not even been an overtime, so another QB could not have gotten that penalty.

Calvillo got together a team that couldn't move on in the first half. He made pretty much what he wanted wil the Eskimos defence after half-time. He stayed calm and did not panick. He got us yards, points. He got us to the freakin' Grey Cup game.

How many balls were dropped by Thyrone Anderson? By Kerry Watkins? How many time was Crutchfield burned and Malveaux just to far away to cover for him?

At 25-20, the Als had to stop the Esks from scoring a TD. Failing to do so, they had to keep them from scoring a two points conversion. Failing to do so, they had to stop the Eskimos from scoring in overtime after Calvillo and Stala connected on a beauty. Not only did they not staop them, they game them the ball at the one yard line following two very untimely penalties.

Calvillo did make a mistake double-throwing that pass. I wonder, Peter666, how YOU would have reacted in a Grey Cup game, in overtime, with all the pressure on your shoulders, with a fraction of a second to think and a ball that unexpectingly ends in your hands after you've thrown it.

So what Calvillo made that mistake. It was then 1st and 20. The Als weren't dead yet. But the oline colapsed twice, keeping Calvillo from getting the time need to gain longer yardage and Thyrone Anderson could not grab yet another pass when it was imperative to do so.

So tell me Peter666, which fan are you? The amateur of just the frustrated one?

I agree with everything in favor of A.C
What I dont agree with is RR being MVP
He did not play well at all in the first half. Edmonton had the ball for 22 of 30 minutes and all he could muster is 10 points, 3 of them from a 2 and out field goal after a turn over well inside Mtl territory.
Not exactly a MVP performance in my books

It’s funny how the QB is the scapegoat whenever the defense screws up, isn’t it?

Maas got used to that last year in Edmonton even though their run defense was a sieve. Everyone was chanting for Ray to come back. Now that Ray’s back, everyone wants Maas to start.

Whatever. Most fans have no clue what they are saying most of the time.

But Calvillo played great, and he was the reason Montreal even had a chance in that game. He screwed up here and there, but every player, even the greats make mistakes now and again.