Should Taaffe Be fired by the New GM

With 6 Days to go to 12-1-07

Should our New GM keep Taaffe or Fire Him?

I say keep him

I say fire him and all of those associated with him. The play calling was left with more that something to be desired. He couldnt do much even with the better personel he had never mind what he had left to work with. GET THE BEST PERSONAL AVAILABLE then stay with it , and Im talking a known good coach and sub coaches, players and down to the water boy. When you know YOu have the right guys then stick with it.

Fire Him.....

I don't think the CFL is Charlie's game. Especially when he has to start from scratch. Let him go back to U-S college football where he seems to thrive.
Let the new GM hire his own coach. After this past season it all needs to be blown up and re-built.

So who's available beside Higgins ? you fans guys only want people fired I wonder why you guys never won Charlie was two time CFL coach of the year you guys know nothing about football

That is my Point Charlie is good Coach

A non-issue right now. The new GM will make his decision and may wait to see if any assistants from other teams may be willing to head a team. For now he stays, but it would be incomprehensible for the new GM not to seriously consider other potential coaches.

Give him one more shot.

Give him another chance.

New coaching staff, not player turnover. the fans deserve ,not to have to go through another mid season change, that would be a disaster -starting o and 4 with CT , no thanks- imho when he let Printers go for it on 3rd and 5, even though he converted the play, it was a bad sign that CT was not making sound decisions,.

So I heard on the weekend that with John Hufnagel going back to be GM and coach of Calgary that Hamilton is going to sign Jim Barker and he is bringing Tom Higgins as coach.

Is that you Charlie... Its either Charlie or a family member....Nobody who watched Good old Charlies performance this year would wonder why everyone wants him gone....

That is conceivable but Scott and Bob Young
haven't gone through the interview process
with all the parties they wish to interview yet
so what was heard was merely conjecture.

Whoever he is is, experienced or not,
he better show he has a good plan

and he better hit a Grand Slam Homer
during the interviewing process.

Sometimes a surprise applicant can
hit an unexpected Grand Slam Homer.

I believe Doug Berry did that in Winnipeg.

The two of them do represent a good option.

I am pretty sure Calgary co-owner, Doug Mitchell
Scott Mitchell's father, would vouch for them
as very capable men of good character and ability.

I want the most experienced G.M. we can get now
with a long term track record and a large file
of football contacts all over North America.

We might have a good opportunity to bring in a defensive minded head coach. For some reason we seem to have 0 luck at D-Coordinator, so bringing in a D-Coach might be the answer we're looking for... it might also be the best way to ensure we have the best coordinator available.

Seem to be quite a few offensive coaches available, including Chapdelaine, so it might be worth considering if we can get a solid defensive coordinator to be our head coach.

Otherwise - keep Charlie.

I don't think that Hamilton will be a winner until they establish continuity with the Coaching Staff and the players. I really think that Charlie was looking over his shoulder all season instead of looking ahead.
Coaching is coaching whether it's in the CFL or the NFL or any other level that one might inject here.
Hamilton has to hire a no nonsense GM but with an understanding of what makes a TEAM. The past GM was to full of hisself, he forgot what makes a TEAM sport
and that my friends came back to bite him.

The sooner the cats can get rid of Charlie the better. It would be a bonus if some bone-head would pay to take him.

His season indicates that he has no eye for football talent, his autocratic style doesn't work with professional athletes and he does not understand football strategy.

Football is a team game which extends to the coaches also. When the players lose faith in the coaches; this is a recipe for disaster as proven this year.

He may have been able to brow beat Desjardin but I am hoping the next GM will have more control.

Get rid of Charlie as soon as possible.

IMO, Taaffe's two big mistakes in 2007 were hanging on to Maas as starter too long (and ignoring Williams), and not firing his offensive and/or defensive assistants when they clearly were not getting the job done.

Hopefully he has learned from this, and one more season will tell the tale. Give him the first 6 games to prove himself a winner.

Charlie gets the first interview of many possible coaches. His will be the toughest interview as he will have to explain away the 2007 season and what he can do better. The new GM will interview any available coaches after that and pick the best one he can land. If its charlie it will be because he is the best available and he will have to go through the process just like anyone else. Its the GMs choice, nothing more to it and there will be no loyalty anymore than there was for marcel if the gm feels charlie is not the man.

The last GM made the tough decisions that nobody else has ever wanted to make but had to be made. Finally somebody gets the guts to make those moves and is let go after a year.

Good point, beetlejuice,

That's exactly as it will be
and exactly as it should be.