Should star RB's do kick-off returns?

One of my pet-peeves as an arm-chair coach is when great RB's get used as kick returners. It just seems to wear them out and get them injured, Dorsey being a case in point. Shouldn't back-up RB's get all the returns? Obviously field position is important but I still don't like it. Can anybody tell me why coaches risk their back's in this fashion 'cause it drives me crazy. :twisted:

Because most back are a dime a dozen. And in Dorsey's case, if it wasnt for kick returning, he wouldnt have a job to begin with.

Lack of choices. I agree with you as a norm they should not return kicks. Concentration requires Oxygen...

Usually the returner is a specialty in the CFL, but RBs, receivers or DBs can handle the kick/punt return duties. Richie Hall filled that capacity with the Riders when he was a player, it may be a SMS saving move more than a football related decision.