Should Stampeders rest their stars?

I think that for those who think the Stamps should rest their stars for the last game against Montreal are silly. Who would be silly enough to think that by resting their stars, that the Stampeders will automatically win the Grey Cup? I don't. But if they use their starters to win this game, then you write history and have something to take away from the season. If you don't use them and lose the game, a huge opportunity will be lost and there are no guarantees for a cup afterwards. I understand that injuries could happen during the game, but so are injuries possible when they start the first minute of the playoffs. There are no guarantees. What I would say is that if in this game, Montreal looks like they are zeroing in on star players and are taking cheap shots, then I would replace those stars that are under attack. If it is a chippy game, our reserve player should be able to get by Montreal (because head hunting does not usually help a team play good football. Defensive mistakes and penalties often result when head hunting).

Should we play the stars? Absolutely. A bird in hand is worth two in the bush. Let's grab a piece of history and go on from there.

They have three weeks to rest after today but they better watch out for the Dirty Als D. They are known for dirty head shots and more. I don't trust them.

Go Stamps Go!!! My wife is a huge Stamps fan from Calgary so we hope for them to win it all.

Herbert doing what he does best in the 4th with a helmet to helmet on a Calgary receiver. SCUM SUCKER!!

Hebert ended Cornish's career with a dirty head shot did he not? I too was in favor of starting our starters. Getting that record and go in to the long layoff on a positive note instead of having that ugly loss in the back of your mind.

3 weeks is a long time to heal up banged up players. Should have played all the starters.