Should Season Ticket Holders select the next BoD?

The commercials keep telling us: "These are YOUR Blue Bombers." Like hell they are. We didn't have a say about anything. They treat season ticket holders and the rest of the fans like mushrooms--keep us in the dark and feed us nothing but crap!

They should have taken a wrecking ball to Canadinns Stadium before the season started. That way, we could tell the Bombers, "Don't come home without the Grey Cup."

If they fail in their mission, we cut everybody: the support staff, the players, the coaches, the scouts, the executives, & the board of directors. Then this community-owned team (season ticket holders) selects the board of directors, who hires the GM & other executive staff, who then hire the coaches and scouts, who then select the players and support staff.

That way, everybody has a responsibility and is accountable, including us. They mess up, they get cut by the people that hired him. Each year, we have an evaluation from the top-down, from the board of directors to the support staff. That way, we're not carrying dead-weight executives and coaches like we are now or doing things on the cheap by cutting/signing the players we did.

As for coaches with guaranteed contracts like PLP, we'll re-assign him the tasks of cleaning the urinal troughs and equipment (including jock straps). He'll have the incentive to take the first coaching job that comes his way.

At least be funny. That's all we ask as Bomber fans !


fans cant even properly chose which seats they want in the new stadium, how are 25000 people expected to agree to anything really.

Kills me to say this as i am a fan but honestly, dont think any of us really understands what it takes to run a football team, reality is for every good decision you make the people will onlly remember the bad one. Fans just, well, we dont understand the business side of things, if we did, well, perhaps one of us would own the team.

I mean lets just pretend here, 25000 people and they select to be on the BOD.

Bob Cameron,Chris Walby,Wade Miller. some other person says no i dont want wade miller i want milt stegall, this is all just hypothetical bs, i understand it would never happen but that one person who wanted milt but milt wasnt chosen cuz more than him wanted miller, man, it would be a cluster.... yeah. french seal.

The Bombers should have done this, give True North a Million dollars and tell them to run things for them. The differnce in how the two organizations have been run this past year to present is alarming. Chipman and company had months,Bombers had years.