Should Saskatchewan sign O'Mahony?

He made his OT field goal. Saskatchewan lacks a proven kicker right now.

Matt Kellet is still out there too, I believe.

Or, Kellet can kick field goals and O'Mahony can punt!

Or nothing...

What's best?

O'smoly i would like to kellet here but it would be nice to give a kid a chance you dont know maybe he could handle it just like ridgeway nobody heard of him and same with ol'faithful McCallum nobody heard of these guys

NO they should not sign him. He has proven he is unreliable, and he must have issues that he needs to work out. Lets see how the young guys do first before we press the panic button.

Yes we should sign him, the only reason he is unreliable is because he missed training camp. alot of players don't like training camp. and it wouldn't be the first time that the riders had a player with some issues, but they still produce on the field.

He also proved to be unreliable with his field goal completions. That may be a

I say no to O'Mahony. He obviously has personal issues that he needs to deal with before he signs with any team. I would rather have him mentally healthy and us with a rookie kicker/punter than have him play when he's not 100%.

Didnt BC cut Kellet for Mahoney in the first place?



Yah, I agree with Sambo. If none of our kickers pan out, then we can began searching for a new one in the open market. Either way, we can't survive in the west division with a sub par kicking game.

I dont want them to sign O'Mahoney... Matt Kellet maybe, but not O'Mahoney

The kicking doesnt seem to be that big of an issue right now. Congi seems like a good one.

Sure O'Mahoney hit the game winner in OT against the Riders 2 years ago, but wasn't he a flop last year? Congi has looked good so far this year, but from what I hear he needs to get his punts off quicker.

You'll find O'Mahoney.....Having a smoke with Rickey Williams. :lol:

Seriously though, if you want a punter, then sign Duncan, for Fieldgoals go after Kellet.

enough of these CFL retreads

let the rookie placekick and go get a good import punter

sign him? no next question :lol: