Should Roberts stay or be traded

this was bought up with the Glenn topic.

I think Roberts should say, he was the leader in rusing again last season (Although some would find that hard to believe), and he is one of the guys we should build this team around, not with.

comments on Roberts?

...This team could not part with Roberts....he is a main-stay of the Bombers....besiides who would you trade him he was the rushing leader in the country on a very badly coached team in 05.....imagine what he can do under someone ..who knows what they're doing with a football Doug Berry ...we'll see.... :wink:

It's a no-brainer....You have to keep him.

What made you ask that question. He on all occasions kept alive in our games the last few seasons. He has been a huge part of the Bomber roster since he joined the team. Losing him would lose a very big part of our team. Sry if I sound like a prick KK

Kanga I like you but why is it that we all expect a stupid question from you. Roberts is half the offense that already exists for this team. Where would he go?

ALthough this is somewhat of a moot point who would he be traded to it seems right now that every team has an established running back so very few if any teams would be willing to give up the farm for him because they alreayd got a good situation

I only bought it up becase it was rumered that he could be traded for DD or another QB, or another high profiled player in the CFL. I thought it was a great idea to bring the topic to the light and totally dismiss it. Considering my other topics, this one isn’t stupid and is one of my best thus far in the eyes of many posters IMO.

Don’t worry FM! :wink:

even Taman isnt crazy enough to trade least I dont think he is.........

Iunno Taman is a unique individual. He can shock and appaul. Hopefully he does it to better the team.

Tell me please who needs a running back!

Who wouldnt want the top back in the league ?

The problem is at what cost when they already have a good back. Really Roberts will go no where no one is in need of a running back. If you trade him for some footbals ya some one would go for it but no one will give you much for him if they already have a decent running back. If you really look Piggy you will notice there is no teams that need a running back maybe if this was done last year around labor day you would have Maas as a QB.

Hamilton & Ottawa......the cfl is like the weather in calgary red......if you dont like it, wait ten minutes and it will change......

Well Lumsden just left theTi-cats, and by god we do need Db's and Corners, but not at the price of Roberts.

Yes Piggy it seems you are correct on the weather.

STAY. I know CFL is a pass-first league, but Roberts is our man....he is our main offensive weapon, well him and Milt. Unless someone offered the farm for him, no way would I ever trade him.

If Roberts was put on the trading block, there would be huge interest by most CFL teams..
You see, Roberts is a proven star in this league, year after year his numbers speak for themself..
In a position where you have so many flashes of greatness around the league, he is a true star..
Roberts will stay and he should..he is a important piece of our offence, plus the Peg loves the guy..
If traded, Tamon would be skined

Yes Tank, there would be a knife sharpening party in the Peg if Charlie was traded........Red is fooling himself, even the Stamps would jump at the opportunity to get their hooves on Charlie......

...last time I heard from would definitely have liked to have Blink coralled....but its tough to really get your hooves on a thoroughbred like continue grasping at ya in the opener... :smiley: