Should Riders go after Reid?

as I figured would happen the Bombers released Fred Reid.

so, should the Riders go after him?

not unless they get a discount....same as AC....same as Joffrey. Reid is 30, and one of these guys will be available close to training camp. They have a pile of HB prospects, and I would agree with going with one of them. Having an insurance policy in training camp would be nice, but IMO that is all it should be.

If a HB is not no longer fit to be a starter, or renegotiated for a roster spot, why would the Riders want to go with him. He is 30, so they can get a few good years still, but I would rather see some youth

I say no. He suffered a fairly serious injury for a RB. I would go with Renolds and some youth as well. Jeffrey is a work horse, very reliable, good catcher and blocker. He can move the line unlike Cates.

Judging by the moves made this offseason so far, it looks like the Riders are going young and cheap at the RB position. With a good O-line, we might see some good things happen in the running game.

Not a chance. We have 5 young RB's under contract in:
24 Bernard, Yvenson RB Import 5.09 196 1984-10-24 Oregon State
20 Crawford, Demetrius RB Import 5.08 195 1986-12-30 Montana State
9 West, Brandon RB Import 5.10 193 1987-09-08 Western Michigan
1 Sheets, Kory RB Import 5.11 208 1985-03-31 Purdue
33 Rankin, Louis RB Import 6.01 216 1985-05-04 Washington

All are very good prospects and should come to camp hungry knowing that the #1 spot is open for the taking. Why would we bring in any of the old guys sitting out there.

that Kory Sheets sounds like the guy.

i'm predicting that.

Sheets looks like he has the size to be an every down back, and looked really good in his videos. Rankin might surprise people, looks really good, now how many of these import RB will we keep? Do we keep one bigger one like Rankin and Sheets, and one littler one like the other guys? Or do we keep three, one of each, and then West for returns, and the odd hand off? I'm excited for this season's TC battles!

whomever is not the primary back would likely be a NI. I could see them potentially keeping 2 depending on how the ratios are looking, though one may end up on the PR.

I think we will have to keep two Imports on the 42, just because if injury, I don't think one of our NI could carry the load for the whole game, I know last year for a while we were carrying three import RB on the 46, not sure about the 42, but I think it's defiantly doable, especially if one of them is being used as a returner.

ya we don't have a starting NI for running back.

it's gonna be two import RB's and a 3rd fullback - Neil Hughes.

more than likely.

Meh, if you're gonna go after an RB, it might as well be Joffrey. Heck Cobourne is still FA is he not?

Je suis loin d'être certain que les Roughriders devraient envisager une de ces options. Il y a de bons joueurs sur cette équipe (West, Bernard, Hughes) et de jeunes prospects intéressants. Autant développer cette position par la jeunesse plutôt que par l'expérience. Ce ne sont pas les bons prospects qui manquent.

Mais si Taman devait regarder de ce côté, Reynolds devrait être au sommet de ce trio. C'est le seul qui n'a pas souffert de blessures sérieuses dans les 3 dernières saisons, et c'est celui des trois qui est le plus complet. Je ne crois pas cependant que si un de ces trois gars devait être embauché, il le serait avant le camp d'entraînement : attendre à ce moment-là amènerait plus de concessions de la part du joueur.


I am far from certain that the Roughriders should consider one of these options. There are good players on this team (West, Bernard Hughes) and young prospects. As this position by developing youth rather than experience. Not the right prospects that are missing.

But if Taman had to look that way, Reynolds should be at the top of this trio. This is the only one who did not suffer serious injuries in the last 3 seasons, and this is one of the three is the most complete. I do not believe however that if one of these three guys had to be hired, it would be before training camp: expect that time would lead to more concessions from the player.

I agree with you on this, I think that the Riders have a good group of young prospects, hopefully one of these young guns can show they can play. But if we did have to go to a veteran, JR seems like the best IMO.

I think ur right. Good Oline should allow a young RB to shine. I can hardly wait to see how this all works out. I'm hoping for the best naturally.