Should Rene Paredes Field Goal Kicking Streak Be Continued?

So Rene Paredes field goal kicking streak of 30 straight field goals was apparently stopped last night when John Bowman busted through the line and blocked his field goal attempt. The CFL has ruled that since the ball did not cross the line of scrimmage, it is not considered a kick, but will be ruled a fumble by Paredes and the streak will be allowed to continue. I understand the ruling but does anybody else disagree with this?

I don't think it should be continued. He tried to kick a field goal and was unsuccessful, that's an attempt.

Simple, straightforward and concise. Who could argue? (3....2....1.... cue argument) :roll:


Actually, IMO the blocked field goal attempt should not count against his streak.

It was the failure of his teammates in not blocking the Al's players that caused the "miss", something out of his control.

It's not like he was wide on his attempt but with the failed blocks, he didn't have a chance... IMO

If they are using the same criteria, a pass that is intercepted behind the line of scrimmage should be considered a fumble and not an interception because the ball has not crossed the line of scrimmage.

What do you know about football ?

Ahh Mighty One, you, of all people, should know that ANY pass attempt that is not behind the passer is, by definition, a "forward pass". Two very different criteria...

But if a guy misses his block and the guy partially blocks it and it barely crosses the line of scrimmage it is considered a missed field goal.
It was a failed attempt of a field goal,(as Jordan02 alluded to) IMHO, The streak should have ended.

C'mon Siggy...I know what the rule is. :slight_smile: Just sayin', if they don't consider a kick a kick until it crosses the line of scrimmage, the same should be considered for a pass. As for anotherdork....that is why I come on this be informed by people who know something about football. 8)

I'm on the fence about that. it's still not a failure on the kickers part.

I see there being 4 parts to a field goal...

  • the snap
  • the hold
  • the blocking
  • the kick

The kicker only has direct control over #4. If he muffs it, it's all on him. The other factors are out of his control.

A partially blocked kick means that #3 was less than adequate. A bad snap or mishandled hold means #1 and #2 failed, again, all out of the control of the kicker.

If first 3 steps are "perfect", it's all on the kicker.

I guess I see it much like an error in baseball. The pitcher isn't charged a hit if one of his teammates muffs a play. The pitcher has done his job and can't help it if his teammates blow an easy play :slight_smile:

Forget that he’s close to a record… if a kicker had done this at the beginning of their streak (kick 3 for example) it wouldn’t have broken the streak so why why would it break it now?

Simple solution really,if he makes his next two kicks and breaks record,it goes into books with an *ASTERICK beside it,and a sidebar stating that kick 30 was blocked :slight_smile:

By using this as the standard, then any pass that goes off a receiver's hands and is intercepted shouldn't be counted as an interception. The QB did his job and the receiver screwed up, but the pick still counts against the QB.

100% this. He tried and failed. It is irrelevant why the kick was unsuccessful. He tried to make a kick and it didn't go in. Streak over.

Little known fact Jamie Boreham was going for the league record 30 missed FGs before he was cut from HAM.

Yes, but that record was "shattered" by Sandro DeAngelis!!

Peredes' streak should have been stopped. As in anything in football, you win and lose as a team, you make fieldgoals as team, you score touchdowns as a team you make defensive stands as a team. Peredes missed either because he didn't make solid contact on the ball or one of his teammates missed a block, the hold was crappy, blah blah blah, his streak should not continue. As a former kicker and punter at the US collegiate level, hes streak should have ended, peredes, since he is NOT above the team, and because the fieldgoal team FAILED to successfully convert the F/G at the end of that specific sequence of offensive plays, whatever the circumstances, the team still failed to make the F/G and his streak should have ended!

Yeah those hurricane force breezes at Ivor Whynne I'll never forget them!


The streak should go on,


Says the Stamps fan!