Should randall be given some game snaps

Trying to follow Brian Randall career and I see he has not even recieve one snap in a CFL game and he is playing on the one of or if not the worst teams in the league. Could anyone tell me why. Has he even praticed with the first team. Is he injured. Or is the coaching staff just like that. I think he should play. Anyone agrees???

He's way down on the depth chart and they just picked up Chang, so he may not be developing quite like they had hoped.

But with the season rapidly going down the drain, we'll likely see him at some point over the next 8 weeks or so.

....they better start getting the back-ups some reps...cuz i believe someone on the roster is going to get moved....and i would hazard a probably will be Glenn////

I have trouble seeingf Glenn going anywhere at this point. Its too late in the year to cut him and save any money and who in their right minds would want to trade for him?

Right on hammer, I can’t see anyone trading anything of any particular value for him at this point.

That said, looks like the Blue season is going down the drain, so you may as well look and see what you have in Randall and Chang.

Could it be worse?

Well, I suppose it could, actually…

....oh, i didn't give a time frame...probably moved next year....other qbs. will get their reps. from now until the end of this disastrous season/// :wink:

well i agree that glenn is here to the rest of the season but at least he looked half decent in sundays game.

But i think the bombers are blowing it with randall. Taman has wanted this guy for over 2 years and won;t give him a snap. Ya i know dinwiddie has been highly devoted to the blue and gold but the future i think lies in the hands of randall and if the bomber keep him off the field he will never develope and the team will kill another could be quarter back

Are you assuming this or are you a witness of this. No offense, but I am looking for reasons why he is not playing. Not assumptions. From what I heard from people that seen him pratice everything looks good as far as development.

he isn;t playingt because the bombers are already given on who they 1 - 2 punch is in glenn and dinwiddie.

But heres the thing a guy can develope in practice all they want. but without a defence trying to take you out and trying their damdest to stop anything you do you don;t devlope into a player just a practice roster player. and i say iof we go down the next 2 weeks, they put dinwiddie into the 3rd string spot glenn into the 2nd and play randall out. he needs to play to develope not practice.

If Toronto wasn't so terrible and keeping your season alive then Randall would probably get some time at QB. I guess we'll see what happens in the next couple of weeks.
Glenn played really well this weekend. If Armstrong would have made that catch it wouldn't have been 2 and out at the end.

OK well we need to wake up here, we don't even see enough of Dinwiddie and he's the second string, randal is not going in with berry at the helm and why has everyone writtin dinwiddie off? you can count his professional starts with one hand. He passed for 450 yards and kept the offensive drive alive and lead them to victory against a then hot Calgary team when they were down at the very end more than we can say about kevin glenn, not to mention one of the greatest records for a backup QB in the cfl as of latly. Chang was also a third stringer, he was a flop and I can't see him going anywhere.
I had the chance to talk to Dinwiddie on saturday and he is very eager to play and that is what the bombers need not somone who goes out with no emotion. I think the future of the bombers is Dinwiddie that is just my opinion though.

Well in my opinion if Dinwiddie is the Bombers' future, then that future is none too bright.

I'd be giving Randall and Chang looks, so I'd know if I needed to try to trade one of my surplus LBs next offseason for QB help.

Well in my opinion if Dinwiddie is the Bombers' future, then that future is none too bright.
We are 2-8 it isn't very bright right now we have 2 wins, one from sheer good play and one because we played hamilton who is slightly worse than us and made a lot of mistakes. I do not disagree with giving Randall playing time maybe he is something special. Ryan has great potential he proved that in game 5 and there is no better time to let him get experience than now but with Doug Berry that is just wishful thinking.

Crue I like dinwiddie. I have gotten to meet him and talk with him. He is a great guy and an ok QB. But i agree with jack on the fact he isn't the future of the blue. i love he has stayed devoted to the team and wants to play, but other then 1 game where he pushed the ball and the team came togehter. he was flatter then glenn and i agree with dunnigan that he just doesn't have the arm stregnth to be a starter

sign Durant in Off season dump Glen and let the others compete for the number #1 spot next year. I am thinking Durant would be the #1. To make it easier signing Duarnt bring in Crandell as OC.

Durant should stay in ssk. because Bishop isn't a very good qb to me and he can win that battle. he will be the future QB for the riders.

And the bombers have to play randall. taman has been after the guy for 2 seasons. He is young and has promise. but we won;t know what he can do until he takes a few snaps and takes a few hits. he needs to devlope and I personally think if gets the chance to develope he will be a good starter and the possible future for this team

randall is an exciting player. definitely cfl material that can do a lot of things differently.