Should players have been giving another option??

While many of you agree with the move and others don't (such as myself) theres nothing we can do to change what happened but is it not atleast agreeable in a game that means nothing June 22 2007 to let Hitch and Mike come out on the field and play a few downs just enough so they can go out with a bang and anyone who have watched the ticats for the past 12 years definetly know Hitch is capable to do that

So when your school's chess team cut you, knight8412,

it felt good being paraded out in front of the school
as a failed member of the team at the Awards Assembly,

did it?

I think the Cats have handled this as best as could be expected.

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Meet my chess coach...

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I hope she corrected you with enthusiasm while yelling at you, Russ.

On this subject, read my post in ... ic&t=16574 .

I think Ron hit it on the head. I don't think Rob and Mike were going to head onto the field knowing that the trapdoor was going to be engaged. They aren't performing seals, shouldn't be expect to be, and were given a far more dignified exit than most players.

Keep in mind that Angelo Mosca had to CONVINCE Jerry Williams in his office not to cut him during the 1972 season. Even that storybook Grey Cup sendoff was almost a no-go...

Rice left the Niners; Woodson left the Steelers; Faloney, Coffey, and Zambiasi left the Ticats, Pringle left the goes on and on. Loyalty in professional sports is where the chips fall where they may and an older player gets to stick on a WINNER. The minute the team declines, it becomes an equation of borrowed time.

Job security in pro sports is more Old Yeller than Follow The Yellow Brick Road, all things considered.

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