Should penalty flags be weighted? Your thoughts please.

Here’s what I would like to see and it would be extremely entertaining.

I propose a two LB cast iron spherical weight sown into each penalty flag at one end. Almost like a perogy but with a noticeable amount of flag as a tail. The thinking here is that the official throws the flag (sphere in hand) as hard as he can directly at the player committing the offence.
Sometimes numerous officials catch the offence at the same time, this could get interesting as all of them throw their flags at the player from various positions on the field.


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How drunk were you when you posted this?

No more rule changes. The league has an tendency to overreact.

Any rule changes should happen first in the CJFL or the CIS (I refuse to call it Usports).

OK - throwing weighted flags at people. Sounds like fun - … until somebody loses an eye. lol

Weighted flags is a must but refs are instructed to throw the flag the other side so it falls down once its 3-4 feet off the ground.

These rules changed when a ref threw and hit a Browns player in the eye a long time ago.

…penalty flags are outdated, old-fashioned, archaic…give the refs paintball guns so they tag evil-doers caught in offending situations…

Too funny guys. It would certainly add an element to the game!

Quite a few years ago, National Lampoon (I think it was them) suggested that baseball would be a lot more interesting if the batter was allowed to carry the bat with him as he ran the bases…

As an official I support this…would make it much easier to ID offenders and allow officials to blow off a little steam.

Canadian flags have a 1" washer sewn into the middle pocket which gives them a bit of weight and direction when thrown. Having said that, flags are thrown differently depending on the situation. Offsides and UR/OC are thrown as high as possible for visibility. Many other flags, like illegal blocks and PI are thrown to the spot of foul as that info can be important when applying the penalty.

US flags have sand sewn into the middle of the flag that makes them an easier throw to a spot but a bit lumpy to wear. US flags are usually tucked into the front of the pants. Cdn officials will store their flags in their back pockets if they’re from the west, in their front pockets if they’re from the east.

And the same goes for challenge flags, but they would come with slingshots. Sometimes coaches have a hard time getting the officials attention.

...just think of those times a player is getting a little lippy, beaking off at you for something, all you’d have to do is raise the muzzle in his direction and I bet he zips it real quick....

I am thinking that after they hit a few people with paint, it can start to get a little confusing as to who is the latest culprit

better to shoot beanbags at them

Just whip the offenders.

Same with a coaches challenge; you lose the challenge, you get whipped.

…Jason Mass’s back would be raw by now…

To be fair, players at the amateur level, even the highest like Jr. and CIS are very respectful towards officials. You get the odd bit of lip but generally they're good.

Coaches on the other hand.....

I like the bean bag flag gun idea. I would further the concept by suggesting that the offender get “shot” in the area that corresponds to the infraction …

For Example;

Kyries Hebert hits another player in the head - Ref aims and fires hitting Kyries in the head. no suspension required!

Player safety is instantly improved!

I just don’t think you can improve on the cast iron sphere flag throwing. This adds an element of dodgeball to the game if the player sees it comin his way. :slight_smile:

I just can’t believe anybody posted in this thread. I hope Lyle chimes in ;D he can get very analytical at times.

I think the ones with the washer sewn into them are pre- whenever the NFL player got a flag to the eye. I'm a ref in Saskatchewan, and my flag has sand in it.

As for where the ref places the flag when it's not in use, that's a matter of personal preference more than a regional thing.

They are weighted.

There was a player from the Browns named Orlando Brown that had his vision permanently damaged when one of the flag weights caught him in the eye.

One small extra. Put some kind of projection at the opposite side from that little flag. Maybe make it pointy so it could stick in the ground when it lands if the refs miss. ?

I’d like to see the flags loaded into a gun and fired into the air.

With technology the way it is, why couldn’t flags be digital.

Why couldn’t each ref, have something like an Apple Watch like device that when there is a penalty, they simply press a button.

It could be linked into the play clock as well to identify the time of foul.

this could notify the head referee and perhaps have an identifier come up on the first down markers, scoreboard or upstairs.

The head referee’s could vibrate and ring when a “flag” has been thrown and state which linesman threw the flag.

They could still have the physical flags for back up or for identifying the spot of foul.