Should penalties be reviewable???

Since penalties can have an impact on the outcome of a game, is it time to consider making them reviewable? I suppose there is nothing that can be done about non-calls, but when a penalty is called on the field I don't see why it should not be reviewable. Thoughts, comments,........

based on the bogus PI calls and non calls in the Edmonton/Calgary game: YES

The big problem is time delay. Many, if not most penalties are correct, so need no review. Action Central, there in Toronto is supposed to be monitoring all games so perhaps a pager on the head ref, activated by Central could be used to 'advise' field officials to go to the phone for advice. Minimal delay.


Or give each team 1 penalty challenge per game. If it’s unsuccessful, the challenging team gets a delay of game penalty.

The way the reffing has been this year it should be 1 per quarter, cumulative. If you don't use it in a quarter, it accumulates, till used in the game.