Should Ottawa have it's own Forum

Should Ottawa have it's own Forum , they don't even have a team .


ok by me if las vegas has their own forum as well.

I'd say Shrevport would need one too, but i'm not to sure if they have computers there let alone the power to run them...

Then another problem being what do you call the forum? Renegades or Rough Riders? or do u just have Ottawa with a question mark at the end?


Pure class


Right now of all times with the Melnyk/MLS thing - OF COURSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Heck, I live in Hamilton and am considering even putting down money on a season ticket for Jeff Hunt's group. We need to support them as much as possible, from what I hear Jeff Hunt is pure class and loves CFL.

Plus they have more threads than Toronto…

Ottawa was awarded a conditional franchise, so why not. It's not as if the fans in that city have suddenly all moved elsewhere.

no they shouldn't until they actually have a team with players,and a stadium thats together. :thdn:

If you don't like the fact that Ottawa has a forum, don't go there. Sheeesh! Must be nice to have a team. At least I have hope of getting one back. Don't negate the hope by taking the Ottawa forum away!

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Before considering whether Ottawa should have a forum, whoever is in charge should probably first consider whether this thread should even exist. It'll serve no good purpose.

Every city should have at least one farm

They have a conditional franchise, so they should have a forum.

maybe they should have a conditional forum :wink:


Good point FYB!

I really don't understand why anybody would be bothered by it's presence. :roll:

hey, hamilton doesnt have a team either :twisted:

I think I ticked off the only fan that supported the team when it existed. :stuck_out_tongue:

I vote for Fort Nelson

Well, I at least appreciate that you recognize my contribution, even if I dont' see the point of starting this thread.