Should Ottawa go after Dressler if he returns?

We probably have to cap space to outbid anyone. Should we go after WD!
Our receiving corp - ex Henry -- sure sucks!

Yes the team should go after any FA that returns, period.

its probably 200k+ per year

They should make a bid for him. I know he has ties with the Riders but money talks and if the RedBlacks want one of the best receivers in the CFL they should go after him.

They avoided going after name guys during “regular” free agency but this would be a great way to make a splash.

they did sign the biggest FA - burris 450k/yr

Never heard of him. :wink:

They should go after Dwight Anderson. :roll:

Arash is saying they will go after Chris Mathews.
Dressler went back to Sask because he had a better chance of picking up an extra pay cheque from a Western Final and Grey Cup appearance. Also lower tax rate in Saskatchewan, Wynne just added a surtax for anyone earning $150k a year plus the surtax on anyone earning over $250k a year that Dalton had brought in.

Arash Madani @ArashMadani · 7h Next on Ottawa's radar: Chris Matthews, the former #Bombers receiver, now holding on in Seattle. The #RedBlacks have cap room to spend. #CFL

Chris Matthews would be a solid get should he clear waivers.

His rookie year in the CFL, he had almost 1200 yards and 8 TDs

In 2013, he battled injuries ( only 130 yards) before jumping to the NFL.

Again, a bunch of nonsense. Any playoff money and a different tax in no way makes up the money difference between what Ottawa (and Calgary) offered compared to the Riders. Weston went back to the Riders because that’s where he wants to be, plain and simple. He lovers being a Roughrider as much as the fans love him.

The tax thing was probably not a factor but I definately think it was the Playoff and Grey Cup chances with the Riders that made the difference and that means more money. He may say he loves the Riders etc but it will always come down to money. If Ottawa had offered $50k more he would have been in Ottawa, but TSN reports the offers were all just under $200k