Should Ottawa be able to use the Rough Riders name?

Cam is nothing but a "cut'n'paste" journalist. I wouldn't take anything to heart about his observations as they have all been formed from Frenchie McFarlane.

Ottawa should not be allowed to use the Rough Rider name, with the exception of a retro game. I have no problems with them using the old colours--- Red, Black and White with the "R" on the helmet. IMO, the colours and helmet with the 'R' on it will be a more visible and tangible link to the past than the nickname would have been, and no doubt some Ottawa fans will still refer to the franchise as Rough Riders, no matter what the nickname they end up with... and there are lots of ideas out there.

They've already done that. :roll:
Copying Ottawa's name, doesn't make it their own. :frowning:

actually they didn’t copy it, if you notice, there’s different spelling of it, and different meaning.

so you are incorrect sir!

Let them keep the name. When I first learned about the CFL (I grew up in Texas) in the mid 1970’s both Saskatchewan and Ottawa had the same nickname. It’s unique and it’s part of the history of the league. Doesn’t bother me, I’m a Saskatchewan fan, I know who I’m rooting for. One of the things I like about the CFL are the differences from the NFL, one point, 12 men, more motion, etc.

Yeah', closing the space & uncapping an 'R' makes a hugh difference, :roll:
much like having a colour that's different than Edmonton's. :?

& what's with Durant using Joseph's number? :oops:

um there IS a difference! and don't roll your eyes at me!

who ever says it's Joseph's number? remember it was McCallums number for Joseph!

and it was Albert Brown's number before McCallum!

so don't go saying that it's stupidf or Durant to wear #4

People keep saying, “There’s a difference between the meanings of the two names.”

Please explain.

Ottawa Rough Riders: Was named for the log rollers of the region's rivers.
Saskatchewan Roughriders: Were named for an elite North-West Mounted Police corps of expert horsemen.

Don't remember this?

Originally the Ottawa Rough Riders were named after Teddy Roosevelt's "Rough Riders" regiment in the Spanish-American war. It wasn't until years later that they said it represented the loggers.

Thanks for pointing that out Deanjo. :thup:

No prob, common mistake.


Dumping Joseph after winning the Grey Cup was bad enough, but letting Durant change to #4, is even more disrespectful.

I don't know about that, Joseph wasn't a great or star quarterback, he was simply sufficient enough to get the job done when supported with an allstar cast of coaches and teammates.

Besides, the Roughriders didn't cut him, he chose to leave (for understandable reasons).

If I recall correctly....Durant used to wear #4 when he played at UNC, so it's not really an issue of disrespect. It's an issue of a player taking the number that he is accustomed to wearing. It's not like he's asking to wear #23, or anything.