Should Ottawa be able to use the Rough Riders name?

I'm from Ottawa and I was curious what you thought about the team name debate going on here.

Is all I know is the two nicknames have different meanings to them. As far as I'm concerned there is only 1 team and that is the SASKATCHEWAN ROUGHRIDERS. :rockin: However, I am curious what the Green Riders fans think now that this thread is started.

If Ottawa wanted to keep the Rough Rider nickname then they should have stayed in the league.

Let that team die and pick another name.

That's what I think. We lost the team and should start new.

If enough of you Roughriders fans have a problem with it you should get the league to stop Ottawa from using the name. Since you're publicly traded you have the most to lose from this really.

considering the Ottawa Rough Riders have a lot of history, they should bring the name back.

It is historical and it's the CFL.

who gives a rats butt what non believers think..

Not a chance. What about "Renegades" - that has a nice ring to it.

considering that the new owners have already made a pitch to buy the rights to the name.....

The league looks bush with two teams with the same name. I don't care how you spell it. You might as well change Calgary's name to Ruff Riders, or Montreal to Roof Riders (cause they are always on top). Time for the CFL to act Professional and put an end to this sillyness.

On a different note, the way Ottawa franchise is taking so long to get back in, nobody will remember them being called the Rough Riders.

In a (potential) 9 team league and two have the same name? C’mon…if the team had stayed active, then sure. But didn’t this debate already happen? Hence, the Renegades? The Rough Riders name will never ever happen. This league is moving forward, not backwards.

Which? the Renegades or the Rough Riders?

Absolutely not! Having two teams with (essentially) the same name is just not done in North American professional sports. Supporters of this idiotic notion always say "Look at all the Uniteds in soccer in Europe!" That doesn't matter. They can be as confusing as they want in Europe. The CFL's primary competition for fan loyalties and therefore their hard-earned dollars is other North American pro sports leagues- NHL, MLB, NBA, and of course the NFL. None of these leagues have two similarly named teams in the same league. "Aha!" say the supporters of keeping the CFL's bush-league image intact. "What about the White Sox & Red Sox in baseball?" There is the colour differentiation, a much more obvious distinction than having or not having a space after the h in the team name. Speaking of that, seeing as the "Black Riders" no longer exist, could the sports media people out there please stop saying "Green Riders"? There is no need for colour differentiation when there is only one team by that name in the league. "What about the Cardinals in both baseball & football?", they say, now desperately grasping at straws. Both originally were based in St. Louis, but they play completely different sports, in completely separate leagues, therefore, no problem.

From a historical perspective, Saskatchewan did not officially use the Roughrider name until Ottawa dropped it in the 1920's for two seasons in favour of the team being called the Senators. Ottawa then created the whole mess by starting to use their former name again, and for reasons unknown, that moronic situation was allowed to continue for 60 plus years until the team finally folded. Ottawa created the situation in the first place, so Ottawa should now do the honourable thing & fix it once & for all & use a different name. Or should that be twice & for all, seeing as the Renegades folded too? If a team name is to be so revered just because it's old, then logically shouldn't an even more historic name with a local tie-in be even more desireable? The first documented football club in Ottawa, in the late 1800's, was called the Rangers. If the new Ottawa franchise would resurrect that name, it could still use an R on the helmet, and still keep red, black and white as the team colours, a combination that looks sharp and has just as long of a history with Ottawa sports teams.

Let's say the reverse situation happened, and Ottawa survived but Saskatchewan folded, but got another team. I would then say that for the greater good of the league, the new team would have to use a different name. As a die-hard Saskatchewan fan, I admit cheering for a team named something other than "Roughriders" would take some getting used to. But the important thing is, at least there would be a team to cheer for, no matter what the name or colours, playing good ol' Canadian football!!

Absolutely they should be able to use the name. This poll is obviously messed up to begin with since, even if Ottawa got the Rough Riders back, Saskatchewan would still be the only Roughriders team. The notion that because 2 names sound the same makes them the same is ludicrous. They’re spelled differently and have different meanings; not the same name at all. I have never seen what all the fuss was about, but apparently, I’m in the minority of people - those who can actually differentiate between one word and two words. Ottawa is entitled to have their history and cheer for their Rough Riders just as we Saskatchewan fans are entitled to cheer for our Roughriders. Those who say otherwise, well, get over it! They’re not the same name!

well it's been established that the Rough Rider name will not be used.

the Riders have the right to veto it.

and the guy has already said he's not going to.

I’m of the belief that they should be able to use it, I’m by no means old but I recall the days of “The roughriders vs the rough riders”. It was a unique quirk that only the CFL had.

Obviously the question is moot as part of Ottawa getting granted a conditional franchise the Riders have the right to veto the rough riders name. I understand why they don’t want Ottawa having the name, and I’m fairly certain so does Jeff Hunt. The Riders have built a fairly strong brand over recent years and they don’t want that getting tarnished.

There could still be a retro game between the Roughriders and the Rough Riders. That way no one would get hurt financially speaking.

Two walked in, one walked out. The Rough Riders are dead, long live the Roughriders.

It's my understanding that the guy who owns the rights to the "Rough Riders" name isn't gonna sell it for a reasonable price.

At the end of the day, you had a "Rough Riders" team. You lost it. You want a new team? Get one. But the "Rough Riders" are long gone.

My $0.02

Cam Hutchinson of the Star Phoenix suggests in his July 24th column that the new name for the Ottawa franchise should be the Argo Nauts.

Americans used to make fun of the fact that there were two teams with 'the same' name in the league in case that has any effect on the decision, but then again most Americans make fun of the CFL anyways.