Should NHL be like soccer

I find myself annoyed at how many games are tied in reg time. I would like to see NHL adopt the 3 pt for reg win. It works fine for soccer.

I've been a proponent of something along these lines for a while.

IIHF uses this as well as allot of pro European leagues do too.

The reason IMO, the NHL doesn't is they want parity. Giving only 2 points for a regulation win keeps the standings closer together.

On the other hand, if a team has a bad start and gets on a roll late, rattling off 3 points at a time can make up ground. Otherwise, if it's only worth 2 and 2 teams you're chasing are playing each-other, have that game go beyond regulation means you can only make up 1 point at the most.

No. Just drop the loser point. No points for losing a game, whether in overtime or otherwise.

I tend to agree with this. I don't like that some games are worth 3 points and others only worth 2, and this is my preferred solution. However, I do think that a 3-point regulation win is preferable to the current state.

I'd also opt for a longer OT period to try to reduce the number of shootouts.

I agree that if you lose in OT, you lose the point. There are plenty of teams that just play for the tie in regulation, knowing that they will get at least one. The only thing that the NHL did was to dress the 3(tie) as a 9 (OT & shootout).

That's the least of what's wrong with the NHL.

If by the NHL should be like soccer you mean it needs relegation/promotion then yes I agree with you. There's just too many cities that have NHL teams who don't deserve them when Quebec City still doesn't have a team.

Unfortunately, it'll never happen as Canadians will never stop watching/supporting the NHL and so the NHL will continue to neglect us. And why should they do otherwise? Their fingers are already in our wallets.

I would rather see games that end up tied after overtime worth no points for either team.

cant see that being very popular

Although this won't add to the discussion especially as someone who knows next to nothing about soccer:

Hockey and Soccer are very different sports from so many aspects despite having a few commonalities.

yes, very different sports with only commonality being a goal and a goalie. However, I think this has no bearing re the game points system.

Agree with those who wish to see the loser point eliminated. A loss is a loss, whether in regulation, overtime, or a shootout and should not be rewarded. Simple W-L standings (no points) would be fine for me.

If the NHL was more like soccer, you would see guys fake being hurt more often... flopping around like they have been shot or tasered... although, it might be interesting to see some hockey hooligan fans... :wink:

you know it is just about standings point, right?

Yes, I was just musing...

so far the has been 286 tied games. Just too many. There has got to be incentive for teams to try harder to win in reg time.